Gas Fee Delegation Program for 3Q24

Introducing the 3Q24 Gas Fee Delegation Program

Klaytn Foundation will continuously operate a gas fee delegation program in 3Q24. Though it would overlap with the Kaia mainnet launch timing, we expect the program participants will be eligible on the new chain, too. Please be aware of the following to receive support on gas fees.

Until July 10th, project teams are invited to submit applications here through comments. Existing partners of the 2Q24 gas fee program will be automatically renewed if wanted. For the new applicants, please respond to this post with your [company name, service name, email address, transaction contract address, and service logo image file].

For additional information and materials, please send an email to

Fee Delegation Amount
Klaytn Foundation has conducted gas fee support programs with more partners quarterly. The top 5 producers of gas fees during the past months and additional teams selected by Klaytn Foundation based on recent transaction volume growth and contributions to the ecosystem will be rewarded with KLAY that can be dedicated for the use of delegation to users. Each partner will utilize a dedicated wallet, and the allocated sum shall be conveyed for the program’s duration(3Q24). The reward structure for the program is as follows.

1st Place: 100,000 KLAY
2nd Place: 70,000 KLAY
3rd Place: 50,000 KLAY
4th Place: 30,000 KLAY
5th to 10th Place: 10,000 KLAY
Every participant: 5,000 KLAY (Applications will be accepted continuously throughout the program’s operation. Once projects complete the setup of wallet features, each team will receive the minimum support. Especially those projects that plan migrations from Finschia Network can get the minimum support even if there is no track record on Klaytn Network)

Expected Timeline

  • 6/28- 7/10: Application Period
  • 7/12: Partners Announcement
  • 7/12 - 7/24: Support for the Dev issues & Wallet Setting
  • Around the end of 3Q24: New application for 4Q program

We look forward to empowering our partners and fostering a dynamic ecosystem with the Gas Fee Delegation Program. And once again, teams applying for minimum gas fee support(5,000 KLAY) are encouraged to submit their applications anytime even beyond the initial application period.

Company name : origin forge
Service name : snailz game
Email address :

Contract address :

Service logo image file :

website :

telegramId : @origin_forge

  • company name: Wasder
  • service name: Nectar
  • email address:
  • transaction contract address
    • 0x845CC5f48a5ef8119Ab9e5dF9a2DdDc807109c37
    • 0xF260863fFe1A5A2666e967fAaB9F319486f56C00
    • 0x069C193D70c38AF455d14c4041f5F53fd043cBee
    • 0xCF3e098007192beb2d6AB9072408B0aE13922D99
  • service logo image file

Thanks for supporting Nectar!

  • Company name: Barter
  • Service name: Barter
  • Email address:
  • Transaction contract address
    • 0x2880ab155794e7179c9ee2e38200202908c17b43(Pyth Price Feed)
    • 0x8e38089eda7039b2c6ee74895b80da89022a780a(Barter EOA that update prices)
  • service logo image file

Thanks for your interest and applications.

Here’s a breakdown of the allocated budgets in 3Q24 for each team, taking into account the recent monthly gas fees:

  1. DeFi Kingdoms: 100,000 KLAY
  2. Swapscanner: 70,000 KLAY
  3. Superwalk: 50,000 KLAY
  4. Bluewhale Protocol: 30,000 KLAY
  5. Iskra: 10,000 KLAY
  6. Somesing: 10,000 KLAY
  7. Fantrie: 10,000 KLAY
  8. Nectar: 10,000 KLAY
  9. Barter: 10,000 KLAY
  10. CHANNEL-iN: 10,000 KLAY

Azit, O-Sean, X-TICKET, Certi, MyStarPick, HaeTaeZ, 3KDS, Watermill Finance, ABC Wallet, Snailz, team will receive minimum gas fee support (5,000 KLAY) during 3Q24.

Klaytn Foundation will reach out to newly joining teams individually to provide support for the integration of gas fee delegation functions. And the existing partners’ designated wallets will be refueled within July.

Teams applying for minimum gas fee support are encouraged to submit their applications anytime even beyond this announcement. We look forward to your applications.