GC Member Dismissal Proposal Template

*In the proposal, please make sure to include the following information.

GC member to be reviewed: [Please indicate the GC member to be terminated from the Klaytn Governance Council]

Justification: [Please explain why you believe that a certain GC member should be removed from the GC. In particular, you should be able to show how a GC member made a negative effect on one or more of the 6 strategic goals of Klaytn. You can refer to Klaytn Foundation Unveils Ambitious 2023 Vision Map to Achieve Mass Adoption Trifecta | Klaytn Foundation.

*After posting the proposal on the Klaytn Governance Forum, please visit Snapshot and post your proposal. After posting your application as a snapshot voting with yes/no options, you should share the link to the snapshot proposal through a reply to your governance forum posting here.