GC Membership Application Template

*In the application, please make sure to include the following information.

  • Name of Applicant: [Please write down the name of your organization or team]

  • Introduction of Applicant: [Please introduce your organization or project in detail. You can include any information to show that you have the capacity to contribute to the Klaytn ecosystem]

  • Objectives of Participating in the Klaytn Governance Council: [Please explain why you are willing to join the Klaytn Governance Council]

  • Your commitment to the Klaytn Community: [Please elaborate on how you will contribute to one or more of the 6 strategic goals of Klaytn. You can refer to Klaytn Foundation Unveils Ambitious 2023 Vision Map to Achieve Mass Adoption Trifecta | Klaytn Foundation. You should be able to show that you will allocate additional resources or assets to Klaytn in addition to your business as usual]

  • Your plan for securing 5 million KLAY: [each GC member should stake a minimum of 5 million KLAY to their consensus node. Please explain how you will secure 5 million KLAY]

*After posting the application on the Klaytn Governance Forum, please visit Snapshot and post your application as a proposal. After posting your application as a snapshot voting with yes/no options, you should share the link to the snapshot proposal through a reply to your governance forum posting here.

*You can include anything else here to appeal to the Klaytn Governance Council and the Klaytn Community.

*Only legal entities and DAOs can be GC members. KF has the responsibility to check the information from the applicant. Anonymous teams will be filtered out by KF as it is impossible to check the information from the applicant.