KCF Grant Proposal - Implementing QSTN solution on Klaytn Network

Product name:

Product description:
QSTN is a Web3 survey marketplace where businesses fund surveys, reward participants, and uphold user privacy through our data wallet-driven profiles.

We are building a revolutionary data collection platform that harnesses the power of blockchain, gamification, and AI to transform the way surveys are conducted. Our platform enables businesses to create funded surveys, incentivizing users to participate by offering financial rewards and engaging experiences. We prioritize data privacy and security, empowering users to own and authorize their data through our innovative data wallet, Cubby. With strategic partnerships from leading blockchain projects like NEAR, Filecoin and Polkadot, QSTN is positioned for success in the Web3 ecosystem. We have demonstrated exceptional achievements in hackathons and accelerators, including winning the prestigious Star Prize at the Octopus Network accelerator. Through our journey, we have attracted notable investors, recently securing a pre-seed round with Outlier Ventures. Our vision is to redefine data collection, creating a frictionless onboarding process from Web2 to Web3 while preserving user privacy and fostering valuable connections between businesses and their audience.

Product solution:
At QSTN, we aim to revolutionize the data collection landscape by addressing key challenges faced by traditional survey platforms. We understand that user engagement is essential for successful data collection, which is why we offer a gamified experience to incentivize users and boost response rates. Through our platform, businesses can easily fund surveys using digital tokens or NFTs, streamlining payment processes and ensuring faster and more efficient transactions.

One of the most significant concerns in data collection is data privacy and security. We prioritize user trust and confidence by providing our proprietary data wallet, Cubby, which allows users to maintain full control over their data. This secure environment ensures that users’ personal information remains private, making them more willing to share valuable insights. Additionally, we equip businesses with AI-assisted survey creation and advanced data analytics tools, enabling them to derive meaningful insights from survey responses and make data-driven decisions. Our strategic partnerships with prominent blockchain projects like NEAR, Filecoin, Octopus Network, Polkadot, and Biconomy further enhance our platform’s capabilities and foster interoperability within the Web3 ecosystem. Through these solutions, we aim to create a compelling and user-centric data collection platform that empowers businesses and individuals alike.

At QSTN, we aim to solve several key problems in the traditional data collection landscape by leveraging the power of blockchain, gamification, and AI. Some of the problems we address include:

  •   Lack of User Engagement: Traditional survey platforms often struggle to maintain user engagement, resulting in low response rates and incomplete surveys. We tackle this issue by offering a gamified user experience, providing attractive rewards and incentives to motivate users to actively participate in surveys.
  •   Data Privacy and Security Concerns: With the increasing importance of data privacy and security, users are hesitant to share their personal information on traditional platforms. Our proprietary data wallet, Cubby, ensures that users maintain full control over their data, creating a secure and private environment for data collection.
  •   Limited Business Insights: Many survey platforms lack sophisticated data analytics tools, making it challenging for businesses to derive meaningful insights from survey responses. Our AI-assisted survey creation and data analytics capabilities empower businesses to make data-driven decisions and gain valuable insights from the collected data.
  •   Complex Payment Processes: Traditional survey platforms often involve cumbersome payment processes, leading to delays and inefficiencies. By enabling businesses to fund surveys using digital tokens or NFTs, we simplify the payment process and facilitate faster and more cost-effective transactions.
  •   Lack of Innovation and Interoperability: Existing data collection platforms may lack integration with emerging Web3 technologies and blockchain ecosystems, limiting their capabilities and potential. QSTN's strategic partnerships with leading blockchain projects like NEAR, Filecoin, Octopus Network, Polkadot, and Biconomy, enable seamless cross-chain interoperability and access to a growing ecosystem of users and developers within the Web3 network.
  •   Difficulty in User Onboarding: Getting users to adopt new platforms can be challenging, especially in the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape. Through our user-friendly survey SDK, we aim to integrate our platform with existing popular platforms and applications, making it easier for businesses and users to onboard and use our services seamlessly.

By addressing these problems, QSTN aims to revolutionize the data collection industry and provide a comprehensive solution that benefits both businesses and users. Our innovative approach combines cutting-edge technology, privacy-centric features, and strategic partnerships to create a compelling ecosystem that encourages active participation while preserving user privacy and data control.

Team information:
Orrin Campbell, CEO: A marketing graduate from NYU, Orrin is an influential figure in the entertainment industry with millions of streams and followers. His media presence has been showcased on platforms like Dr. Phil, and his degree in marketing adds valuable insights to QSTN’s growth strategy.

Anibal Suriel, Chief Legal Officer: An NYU alum with a remarkable legal career, Anibal has worked for prestigious firms like KARM and R3. He possesses extensive legal expertise and is admitted to the bar in three states: New York, Florida, and Washington DC.

Brigitte Pinewiski, Chief Partnership Officer & Web3 Physician: An author of “Wealthcare: Demystifying Web3 and the Rise of Personal Data Economies,” Brigitte is also a Healthcare Advisor, Nex Cubed member, and TiE Board and Charter Member. Her expertise in Web3 and AI adds a unique perspective to the team, aligning with QSTN’s focus on innovation in the healthcare realm.

Carlos Guiamaraes, CTO & Lead Developer: Carlos brings a strong technical acumen to QSTN. As a skilled developer for over 15 years, his contributions are integral to the back-end architecture and tool integration, ensuring a seamless and efficient platform.

Eduardo Gomes, Junior Developer: A promising talent, Eduardo contributes to QSTN’s development efforts. With his skills and passion for identity, he adds value to the KYC and verification of users within the QSTN platform.

Melanie Zhang, Creative Director: An NYU graduate with a keen eye for design and user experience, Melanie’s artistic vision enriches the platform’s aesthetics and fosters engagement with QSTN’s users.

Daniel Fadely, Financial Analyst: An NYU alum with a strong finance and investment background, Daniel’s involvement in opening and running the investment club at NYU, along with experience in managing various portfolios, enhances the financial planning and analysis for QSTN.

Orrin Campbell – QSTN CEO
Twitter - https://twitter.com/realorrin
Instagram - Orrin (@realorrin) • Instagram photos and videos
Linkedin - https://linkedin.com/in/realorrin
GitHub - https://github.com/@qstnus

Anibal Suriel - QSTN CLO
Linkedin - https://linkedin.com/in/anibal-suriel-esq

Brigitte Piniewski - QSTN CPO
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/brigittepiniewski/

Carlos Guiamaraes – QSTN CTO & Lead Developer
GitHub - sekmet (Carlos Guimaraes) · GitHub

Eduardo Gomes - QSTN Junior Developer
GitHub - Eduardogbg (Eduardo Gomes) · GitHub

Melanie Zhang - Creative Director
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/melanie-y-zhang/

Daniel Fadely - Financial Analyst
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-f-436377203/

Grant proposal:
Milestone 1 - Smart Contract Integration and Data Wallet API Budget: $6000

  • Develop and deploy Klaytn smart contracts to enable survey funding with Klaytn tokens and NFTs.
  • Create a robust and secure Data Wallet API that interacts with Klaytn for contract validation.
  • Implement functionality to generate zero-knowledge proofs for survey completion on Klaytn.
  • Integrate Klaytn wallet support to enable users to seamlessly claim their rewards.
  • Conduct thorough testing and debugging to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the integration.

Milestone 2 - UI/UX Enhancement, Credibility Score and Documentation Update Budget: $6000

  • Enhance the user interface design to seamlessly accommodate Klaytn integration.
  • Implement user experience improvements that reflect Klaytn-specific functionalities.
  • Update legal documentation, including terms, conditions, privacy policy, and user agreement, to incorporate Klaytn integration details.
  • Create comprehensive educational materials, such as wizards and tutorials, to guide users in utilizing Klaytn for funding and rewards.
  • Create credibility score to “rate” user responses to help businesses filter purposeful answers

Milestone 3 - Open Source, Leaderboard and Customer Funnel Implementation Budget: $6000

  • Open source developed Klaytn smart contracts, making them accessible to the developer community.
  • Develop funnel to allow businesses to create customer profiles based on the survey responses collected on Klaytn
  • Implement a leaderboard feature to track and showcase the most active users on the Klaytn network.
  • Develop functionality to dynamically update the leaderboard based on user activity.
  • Provide documentation and guides on how other developers can utilize the open-sourced contracts

User -

Business -

Budget proposal

  • Along with the post on the governance forum, the proponent should fill out the application form provided by KF:**

It would also be good to explain the costs of creating your product UI/UX development, smart contract integration, leaderboard, etc. However, an explanation of how to contribute to the KLAY ecosystem is missing.

Hello @Creder-Itcen,

Below is the requested information. We are unable to edit the proposal because we are a new user and it will remove our two diagrams. Thanks and looking forward to next steps!

  1. Costs breakdown

Milestone 1

  • Smart contract development = $4,000 USD
  • Data wallet API development = $2,000 USD

Milestone 2

  • UI and UX improvements = $2,000 USD
  • Legal document re-drafting = $2,000 USD
  • Credibility score development = $2,000 USD

Milestone 3

  • Leaderboard development = $3,000 USD
  • Customer funnel development = $3,000 USD
  1. Below is how we aim to benefit the Klaytn Ecosystem
  • Creating a self service marketing tool where builders, users and even the Klaytn Foundaiton can issue paid surveys in KLAY while preserving privacy

  • Leveraging our existing relationship with Telegram (chosen to be one of their first mini applications) to bring users to the Klaytn Network

  • Open sourcing and creating a data wallet, which other projects can implement in their project to act as a digital canister for personal information (plus zkp proof generation)

  • This invention is protected by patents so we should be the sole company in Web3 offering such services across ANY blockchain network

  • Seasoned team, who have won numerous hackathons and accelerators, and in discussion with EstĂ©e Lauder, L’OrĂ©al and NYU (my alma matter) to offer incentivized surveys

Hello @Creder-Itcen, do you have an update? We have continued to stay abreast of the Klaytn ecosystem and would love to offer KLAY as a survey reward within our platform.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Recently, with Klaytn changing to Dragon Chain, there has been a document regarding the emerging Incentive. It might be helpful for you to refer to it. [Discussion] Dragon DeFi Initiative (D2I): Crafting the Core of Project Dragon’s DeFi Ecosystem

Hello @Creder-Itcen,

Thanks for this feedback. I am unable to edit the original post so I will include the amendments below. Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to next steps!

Broadening QSTN’s Impact with Dragon Chain

As the Klaytn ecosystem evolves with Dragon Chain, QSTN stands as a pivotal tool in this transformation. Our platform is uniquely positioned to gather critical sentiment and feedback, helping in the continuous improvement of DeFi protocols. By incentivizing community participation and providing a bridge from Web2 to Web3, QSTN is not just a participant but a core facilitator in realizing Dragon Chain’s vision.

In addition to the specific use cases previously mentioned, our integration with Dragon Chain will extend QSTN’s utility to a wider range of stakeholders within the Klaytn ecosystem:

  1. Foundation and Community Engagement: Our survey tool will assist the Klaytn Foundation in gauging developer interest, community sentiment, and employee satisfaction. Our surveys can serve as a vital tool for the foundation to understand and respond to the needs and perspectives of its DeFi ecosystem.
  2. User Data Monetization and Improvement of DeFi Protocols: By allowing users to monetize their personal information, we offer them a tangible benefit for their engagement. Their data will help DeFi projects to iterate more effectively, finding new synergies with their users or target audience.
  3. Self-Service Marketing Tool for Ecosystem Projects: Our platform will act as a versatile marketing tool, enabling various projects within the ecosystem to onboard users seamlessly and without friction.
  4. Understanding Ecosystem Sentiment: QSTN will provide insights into the sentiment surrounding DeFi protocols and the Klaytn ecosystem overall, sourcing data ethically in a manner aligned with Web3 values.
  5. Immutable Verification via Zero-Knowledge Proofs: Participants in our surveys will receive zero-knowledge proofs, allowing them to immutably verify their contributions and participation, further enhancing trust and security in the data collection process.

What’s the current number of users?

Hello @Doo_StableLab,

Thanks for reaching out. First and foremost, we have over 450+ verifiable on-chain test users due to our initial NFT release on the NEAR Protocol for early access.

While our platform is in private beta, we tested with over 1,500 users in the past 3 months to hone our user experience and product offerings. We received general comments from the SEC and its Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology (FinHub) department given our US-standing regulatory wise.

Right now, we have 3,000+ users signed up for our mainnet application and wish to integrate Klaytn as the second blockchain to expand our funding options for businesses using our survey platform while offering scalable, cheap transaction costs.

We have worked with Jack & Jill of America, hosting quarterly educational workshops where minority children learn about fintech and we use our platform as an introduction to the world of Web3, finance and blockchain.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!

P.S. I would like to reaffirm that our product has received quite a bit of attention when we open the testnet to the public due to the attractiveness of earning digital rewards. We have spent considerable time working to prevent spam and bot interactions which include:

  1. Credibility score using AI to score users’ responses and trustworthiness
  2. Zero knowledge captcha which is powered by Absinthe Labs
  3. KYC access gating for surveys, Web2 options via Plaid and Web3 options via Fractal ID
  4. Zero knowledge proofs foor survey participation and KYC attestations via Polygon ID
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Hello @Doo_StableLab,

Hello @Creder-Itcen,

Just wanted to check in and see if there was an update on our proposal? Thanks!