[KGP-15] KCF payment proposal (Sep 2023)

1. Summary
We are seeking the approval of the Governance Council to utilize the funds allocated from KCF budgets, which have been previously approved under KGP-10 and KGP-12, for making payments using KLAY. These payments are intended to bolster service development, improve infrastructure, attract developers, and enhance liquidity in alignment with the objectives of the Klaytn Community Fund.

Specifically, a total of six projects will be funded, with two projects receiving a fixed amount of KLAY and the remaining four projects receiving a variable amount of KLAY. The precise expenditure of KLAY will be transparently disclosed in quarterly reports.

Similar to the previous month, Klaytn Foundation will facilitate voting on each of the six agenda items, allowing the Governance Council to voice opinions and preferences on each individual item.

2. KCF payment details

3. Voting Process
After governance proposal forum posting, each agenda items on this proposal will be moved to Klaytn Square for on-chain voting.