[KGP-19][GC Membership Application] StableLab

1. Name of Applicant:


2. Introduction of Applicant:

StableLab is a professional delegate and governance services firm, contributing to over 20 protocols and ecosystems, with exceptional diligence and participation metrics. StableLab helps DAOs scale sustainably, through lean and efficient governance.

StableLab has previously help manage MakerDAO’s node for Klaytn until its expiration in 2022. In addition, we helped connect several DeFi partners to the Klaytn ecosystem.

  1. Objectives of Participating in the Klaytn Governance Council:

As the Klaytn ecosystem transitions to a DAO, we want to help support this process by offering our robust governance expertise. We can provide insights to further grow Klaytn’s governance, boost voter participation, and ensure Klaytn’s journey to decentralization is on the right track.

4. Your commitment to the Klaytn Community:

Out of the six outlined goals for Klaytn, we are particularly interested in contributing to “Goal #2: Klaytn is Verifiable’’ which includes “Decentralized Governance” and “Proactive Governance.” At StableLab, we take pride in being the premier governance team with extensive experience across various Layer 2s. We have actively contributed to numerous councils and committees, including grants and accountability programs. Our aim is to apply this experience to Klaytn and enhance its governance process using well-researched methodologies. Together, we can establish transparent and accountable procedures, fostering a stronger and more resilient Klaytn ecosystem.

5. Your plan for securing 5 million KLAY:

We aim to secure 5M KLAY as part of our proposal by seeking delegation from the DAO treasury or relevant treasury. Additionally, we will explore contributing to the Klay Liquid Staking Services to enhance our KLAY holdings.

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Snapshot voting is up! Snapshot

We understand that the co-founders of StableLab are very influential in the Web 3 space, and could add much value to the Klaytn ecosystem.

We support the StableLab’s GC application and hope that its GC application will be well accepted.


Thank you so much for the support! Excited about contributing to the Klaytn ecosystem

As this application is endorsed by Quantstamp, this agenda will be brought to GC voting today.

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