[KGP-23][GC Membership Application] GC Member Application of Trinito

1. Name of Applicant

2. Introduction of Applicant

TRINITO is a trading/investment company that was established at the beginning of 2022 with years of track record from our core members.

[Professional Digital Asset Firm]
We have balanced businesses in trading and investment which are built upon the core members’ professional careers from traditional finance (IB/Fintech) and global central exchange, crypto venture capital, and DeFi protocol (the largest in Korea). This is a unique mix to find from crypto trading/VC firms in Korea.

[Knowledge and Understandings in Crypto Industry & Blockchain]
Trinito publishes research articles about crypto market and portfolio projects. The articles are distributed on various media platforms and quoted by press journalists. Some articles are also distributed on various communities.
(e.g. [Bitcoin Spot ETF Outlook] from August 2023 got quoted by 8 times by 6 different crypto news media outlets such as Hankyung, Xangle, Digital Asset, Block Media, Blooming Bit, and Newsis, estimated total views totaling over 48 thousand views)

3. Objectives of Participating in the Klaytn Governance Council

TRINITO will leverage its extensive expertise in the Web3 industry and deep understanding of the KLAYTN ecosystem to enhance its role as a GC and contribute towards the development and growth of the KLAYTN ecosystem.

We believe that incorporating TRINITO as a GC for KLAYTN will have strong synergies for both parties. KLAYTN will take advantage of TRINITO’s Web3 expertise and capital market experience to the benefit of the ecosystem, while TRINITO will extend the influence and scope of work to officially utilize the presence in KLAYTN ecosystem.

To become a valuable GC in KLAYTN, TRINITO is proposing detailed value-added plans as follows:

  1. Active Governance Participation in Klaytn Ecosystems
    Trinito has not only been diligently monitoring various issues related to ecosystem participants and dApps within the KLAYTN ecosystem but has also been instrumental in resolving numerous incidents. This showcases Trinito’s deep expertise and integrity within the Web3 ecosystem. With a commitment to reducing information asymmetry and enhancing oversight systems in this nascent sector, Trinito pledges to actively participate in KLAYTN governance activities. As a member of the Governance Council, Trinito aims to not only vote on most proposals but also provide insightful comments and feedback to foster a truly decentralized governance system within KLAYTN. Specifically, Trinito commits to actively engaging in over 80% of voting issues, offering well-considered opinions for or against each proposal. Furthermore, Trinito plans to allocate resources proactively to ensure swift responses in onboarding, suitability reviews, and monitoring of new KLAYTN projects, thus contributing significantly to the evolving DeFi landscape within the KLAYTN ecosystem.

  2. Klaytn Adoption Enhancement Activities from VC Arm
    Trinito has and will continue to invest in web3 projects and companies. After being accepted as one of the Klaytn GCs, Trinito will ensure the followings are proposed to its portfolios with the goal of increasing KLAYTN adoption both domestically and globally.
    Strategic Migration to Klaytn: Tailored Approaches for Portfolio Migration
    Trinito is committed to facilitating a strategic partial or full migration of our current or prospective portfolio projects to KLAYTN, considering each project’s unique development stage and resource needs. Our approach encompasses:
    a. Customized Migration Framework: Development of individualized migration plans, aligning with KLAYTN’s capabilities and minimizing disruption, especially for projects from varied sectors and chains like ETH, BSC, and Polygon.
    b. Regional and Sector-Specific Strategies: Tailored strategies to address the unique needs of projects across different regions and sectors, ensuring effective adaptation to KLAYTN’s ecosystem.
    c. Integration and Interoperability Solutions: Solutions for seamless integration and maintaining connectivity with other blockchains as required.
    d. Continuous Engagement and Monitoring: Post-migration support through performance tracking, feedback sessions, and strategy adjustments to ensure successful adaptation.
    e. Educational Initiatives: providing education to help portfolio companies understand KLAYTN’s benefits and technical aspects.
    Through this adaptive and comprehensive approach, Trinito aims to not only ensure successful migrations to KLAYTN but also to enable each project to fully leverage the potential of the KLAYTN ecosystem.

  3. Suggestion for early-stage projects to adopt Klaytn
    As Trinito operates both a trading and VC arm, we have the privilege of meeting projects from all across the globe, in different stages and in different sectors as mentioned earlier. Since our focus is more on early stages in terms of VC investments, most of the projects have yet to decide on what chain they will develop going forward. As such, we believe Trinito can advise and lead these early projects to deploy on Klaytn at an early stage, thereby increasing transactions as the project matures.

  4. Opinion activities
    As an investment firm, TRINITO is constantly researching various cutting-edge projects and examples in the Web3 space. Furthermore, TRINITO is leading in education on markets and projects by communicating with communities through Korean and English research publications.
    As a GC of KLAYTN, TRINITO aims to contribute to leading a constructive discourse and presenting various directions regarding the future of KLAYTN’s ecosystem while avoiding sensational issue-mongering.

  • [Notable Publications by TRINITO]

  • Portfolio Related:
    – Analysis of League of Kingdoms Land 3.0 Update
    – Exploring the Metaverse Frontier: Yuga Labs, DeFi Kingdoms, and KlayCity
    – Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms — Global Launch
    – How to Invest in Bitcoin Mining

  • Market Related:
    – Crypto Inflation in 2023: No Free Lunch
    – Tech-Induced Crypto Market Cycles “Is the Crypto Dead Now?”
    – Centralized Exchanges Series - Upbit, Bithumb, Coinbase

  • Publishing Channels of TRINITO
    Korean: Xangle, FnGuide, Digital Asset, CoinNess
    English: Coinmoinks, GCR

4. Our Commitment to the Klaytn Community

We are fully aware of KLAYTN’s vision to achieve mass adoption trifecta via 6 strategic goals. Based on our past experiences as a key user and sentinel of the KLAYTN Ecosystem, we believe we can contribute to the enhancement of incident monitoring domain. Due to the specific nature of our business (as a trading/VC investment firm), we constantly monitor and use Klaytn DeFi protocols. As a Klaytn GC, we will not only limit our constant monitoring of Klaytn DeFi protocols that we are currently using daily but expand to all of them to achieve maximum surveillance and minimize incidents on Klaytn.

Another area where Trinito can contribute lies in demand facilitation leading to increased Klay burn mechanism. As previously mentioned, we are planning to actively push and suggest our portfolios plus those we will be investing in to migrate to Klaytn fully or at least partially. Most of the projects not run on Klaytn want more exposure in Korea and as a Klaytn GC, we believe our suggestion will lead to successful migrations. With increased migration from other chains from various types of projects and users, we believe increased transactions will eventually lead to meaningful Klay burns.

Increasing transparency is also one area where we plan to put more resources. Trinito’s in-house contents published both in English and Korean are distributed to several platforms including global and domestic crypto related platforms but also traditional platforms. Even local press journalists seldom quote our contents for their articles. As a GC fully cooperating with the Foundation, we will allocate more resources for in-house content publications scrutinizing and conveying KLAYTN’s transparency domestically and globally.

5. Plan for Securing 5 million Klay

Trinito has been an active player ever since the launching of Klaytn. As a result, we already have acquired 5 million KLAYs (minimum requirement to participate as GC) with proprietary capital. Therefore, we do not need additional measures for this area.


Presto Labs thinks that TRINITO’s deep expertise in the crypto sector, particularly their involvement with various Web3 ecosystem, makes them an ideal GC member for Klaytn. Their proven track record in investments, governance and strategic project migrations, combined with their insights and educational initiatives, positions them as an invaluable asset in driving Klaytn’s growth and adoption in the global crypto market.

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We are glad to have Trinito become one of the Klayn Governance Council Members.
CREDER-ITCEN has cooperated with Trinito on several occasions and we believe they will undoubtedly contribute in expanding Klaytn’s presence in many diverse ways.

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As the application from Trinito was endorsed by our GC members (Presto Labs and CREDER-ITCEN), the application will be brought to the GC Voting @Trinito

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