[KGP-33] KCF payment proposal (Apr 2024)

1. Summary

We are seeking the Governance Council’s approval to utilize funds from the KCF budgets, previously approved under KGP-10, KGP-12, KGP-16 and KGP-24, for making payments in the short term using KLAY. These payments aim to support service development, enhance infrastructure and attract developers in line with the Klaytn Community Fund’s objectives.

Specifically, a total of six projects are set to receive funding and all projects will receive a variable amount of KLAY. The precise expenditure of KLAY will be transparently disclosed via Klaytn Square.

The Klaytn Foundation will facilitate voting on each of the six agenda items, enabling the Governance Council to express opinions and preferences on each specific matter.

2. KCF payment details

3. Voting Process
After governance proposal forum posting, each agenda items on this proposal will be moved to Klaytn Square for on-chain voting.

Thank you to the Klatyn Foundation for putting this proposal forward.

Flipside Crypto is a comprehensive blockchain data provider & growth partner. With the support of the Foundation, we look forward to integrating into the Klatyn ecosystem.

The Flipside program is designed to help the ecosystem and its builders succeed through data indexing and curation, dashboards to monitor KPIs, and targeted user acquisition to drive protocol usage.

Within the budget outlined above, Flipside Crypto will deliver on the following milestones:

Data Indexing and Curation

Flipside’s expert Data Engineering team will leverage our internal data pipelining technology to turn raw blockchain and protocol data into accessible, user-friendly data tables ready for in-depth analysis. In addition to our standard set of core tables (blocks, events, transactions, traces) we will also provide curated tables that are specialized to the unique characteristics of the Klaytn Network. Our Data Indexing & Curation services will cover both the current Klatyn mainnet and the upcoming chain merge projected to go Q2/Q3.

We believe that blockchain data is a public good, which should be open, transparent, and accessible. Thus, all work done by our team will live within the Flipside Data Studio, which can be freely accessed by anyone in the world.

Social Amplification & Community Analytics

Upon Klatyn data going live on Flipside, we will activate our community of over 100,000 data analysts to begin working with Klatyn data. Our Community Analytics engine is designed to provide complete data coverage for all Klatyn initiatives and protocols and provide social amplification of the great work being done within the ecosystem. Highlighting key narratives and transformational events that occur within Klatyn is how Flipside will drive attention and fuel Klatyn’s social reach.

In addition to activating our broader community, we will also provide two of our expert analysts, called Ambassadors, for dedicated ecosystem coverage. These ambassadors will be the boots on the ground within the ecosystem, unearthing trends and support protocols via KPI dashboards.

Onchain Activation

A strategic extension of our community analytics work is our suite of onchain activation tools that introduce new users to Klatyn and are designed to expose the users to narratives actively amplified by our community. While social reach captures attention, Onchain Activation reinforces narratives, driving strategic outcomes. Flipside does this through our Earn platform which is structured to help users level up within Klatyn, build up a base knowledge, turn users from beginners to high-value, retained users.