[KGP-5] Suspension of KIR Disbursement for the remainder of 4Q 2022


As an effort to manage risks associated with the volatility of the macro market, the Klaytn team proposes to suspend the disbursement of approved Klaytn Improvement Reserve (KIR) projects for the remainder of 4Q 2022.

Effect of the Proposal

The disbursement of the following 18 projects will be postponed affected by the approval of the proposal:

  • The 9th KIR: Klaytn Bug Bounty Program by Theory
  • The 10th KIR: New Consensus Algorithm for Blockchain Scalability by BaSE Lab
  • The 11th KIR: Online Education and event for Klaytn by LIKELION
  • The 12th KIR: Auditable Privacy Preserving FT/NFT Transfer on Klaytn Blockchain by Zkrypto
  • The 13th KIR: Public EN Operation by Fantrie
  • The 13th KIR: Open-source Decentralized Exchange by SORAMITSU
  • The 13th KIR: Improving the Read Performance of KV database in Klaytn by Seoul National University
  • The 14th KIR: Finstreet x Mining Devs
  • The 16th KIR: EN Operation by Klubs
  • The 16th KIR: Education Program by Code States
  • The 16th KIR: Klaytn Ecosystem Audit Fund by Blaize Technology
  • The 17th KIR: Blockchain at Yonsei NFT Project
  • The 17th KIR: Blockscout Open-source Block Explorer
  • The 17th KIR: Klaytn Ecosystem Audit Fund by Hacken
  • The 17th KIR: Klaytn Ecosystem Audit Fund by Haechi Labs
  • The 18th KIR: EN Operation by Krosslab
  • The 18th KIR: Klaytn Developer Grant Program by Questbook
  • The 18th KIR: Public EN Operation by Tatum

The project titled “15th KIR: Public EN Operation for Tesnet and Archive Node Operation by Fandom Foundation” will not be affected by the proposal in consideration of its necessity for the Klaytn ecosystem.


Overall, I agree, but I also wonder why the 15th KIR is so essential to the Klaytn Ecosystem and how it was excluded.

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Thank you for your question. The 15th KIR project is to provide an archive EN for the public, which is a necessary infrastructure for developers building on Klaytn. At this moment, DSRV is the only provider for the archive EN. It means if DSRV stops providing the service, Klaytn will not have any archive EN.

The proposal was approved by the Klaytn Governance Council (GC) through the voting on 7-18 November 2022. 17 Members voted, and 15 Members of the participants agreed on the proposal.

  • GC Members who voted: Swapscanner, Verichains/VNG, Netmarble, Kracker Labs, Wemade, The Korea Economic Daily, LG Electronics, Sygnum, gumi, Jump-Everstake, Maekyung Media Group, POST VOYAGER, Kakao corp., SK networks, Kakao Entertainment, NEOPLY, FSN