Liquidity Pool Fee Burning Announcement (28 December 2023)

In the third quarter budget update, Klaytn Foundation added a new category ‘liquidity provisions’ to its budget plan and has established KLAY pair pools not only on the Klaytn network, but also on other blockchain networks like Ethereum and Injective. This strategic move aims to enhance cross-chain interactions and reduce trading slippages.

In the second half activities, the liquidity pools provided by the Klaytn Foundation generated fees totaling $10,859 as of December 27th. And 70% of these fees, amounting to $7,601 (equivalent to 32,370 KLAY), have been sent to the burning address of the Klaytn Network. The remaining 30% will be consistently utilized to support existing liquidity pools.

[Transaction Details](

For transparency and community awareness, Klaytn Foundation will establish a monthly routine to burn 70% of the cumulative liquidity pool fees on the last Wednesday of every month.

Also, Klaytn Foundation will continue actively seeking potential protocol partners and collaboration opportunities with other blockchain networks to foster effective liquidity provisions. Your interest and support are greatly appreciated!