[Must Read] About the GC Membership Discussion category

  • This category is open to any KLAY holders, including Klaytn Foundation (KF), Klaytn Governance Council (GC), and Klaytn Community (KC). Anyone can post GC membership applications and GC member dismissal proposals.

  • If an application or a proposal gets the endorsement from KF or a GC member, or if it passes the community voting at Snapshot, the proposal would be brought to a GC voting at the Klaytn Square. If applications or proposals fail to get the endorsement within 14 days, they will not be considered anymore.

  • Voting for GC member selection takes place on the first Monday of every month. To be a GC candidate in a given month, you must secure an endorsement from KF, GC members, or the KC by the end of the previous month.

  • If you post any issues other than GC membership here, your posting will be deleted, and you will immediately lose the authority to post your ideas on the Klaytn governance forum.

  • If there are duplicated proposals on the dismissal of a certain GC member, they will be removed from the forum without any notice. You can express your opinion by adding replies to the original posting or participating in snapshot voting.

  • Your post will be public 24 hours after you create it. Please remind that your post can be removed if it is not related to GC Membership