[Sample] GC Membership Application of Another World

Introduction of Applicant

Beginning as the first metaverse project of the Terra chain, Another World is the ‘Web3 playground’ where users can build a career and monetize their online activities. In less than half a year after launching as ‘Terra World’ on Terra, we reached an unprecedented milestone of hitting $0.14B TVL and generated over $12mil in revenue through sales of 4,000 Land NFTs in two months. By fulfilling the massive community’s needs and successfully following our road map, we were able to sell out Land NFTs in record time and attract more people to the community reaching 200k members from all around the globe. Even after the Luna crash, our fast decision-making and technology enabled us to protect the community’s assets and project reserve under the chaotic chain condition, while most other projects failed to survive. Now on Klaytn, Another World is building a more sustainable and stronger metaverse platform utilizing our risk-managing experience and connections in the industry.

In a crypto-based metaverse like Another World, users can create their own virtual identities in avatars and navigate a virtual world. Users can buy and sell assets, such as land, buildings, and other items, using cryptocurrencies like AWM. Users can also earn rewards for completing tasks or challenges within the metaverse, which can exchange for cryptocurrencies or other virtual assets. Crypto-based metaverse can also feature decentralized governance, meaning that decisions about the Another World development and direction of the metaverse are made by the users’ community rather than a centralized authority. By leveraging blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, we can create a transparent economy within the metaverse format while providing users with a fun and immersive experience.

Our mission is to build an infinitely scalable metaverse platform powered by Unity Engine, for the mass adoption of global users and major corporations we have a close relationship with. Understanding the metaverse’s crucial highlights, that it would continue expanding, and that the infrastructure of the metaverse should deliver low latency and fast but improved capacity, Another World is building a metaverse utilizing Klaytn’s game-friendly features such as low gas fees and fast TPS in preparation for the continuous growth and seamless service for the massive audience. On top of that, our capability to produce high-quality 3D assets, enables us to make a metaverse platform that can provide a virtual space for Another World’s massive community and support a wide range of projects with different types of visuals. Metaverse platform with high-quality 3D visuals will help Another World interact with other NFT projects with massive communities within Klaytn and other networks and successfully bring more users to experience Another World’s sub-projects and content ranging from socializing to playing mini-games which all generate on-chain transactions and user-data to continue building a bigger and more diverse metaverse infrastructure.

Why Another World wants to join the Klaytn Governance Council

Another World is a web3 metaverse platform that aims to expand with infinite scalability and provide a decentralized ecosystem where users and content creators interact with other users with similar interests and build a healthy ecosystem together. With AWM being a virtual currency in Another world, every user uses AWM to buy items and rewards, creating a true web3 economy within the platform. As a web3 metaverse builder, Another World wishes to add more value and genuinely contribute to the Klaytn ecosystem’s journey into building a decentralized web3 mainnet.

One is becoming the hub of Klaytn Dapps, by providing a metaverse platform to other Klaytn Dapps where they can provide post-utility and actively communicate with holders. In a decentralized web3 ecosystem, the community is prioritized, and more utilities are needed for keeping and expanding the community. By working with other NFT projects that need a virtual space, Another World can enrich the ecosystem with more people and the Klaytn NFT projects can tighten their communities with extra utility.

Also, we would like to diversify Klaytn’s ecosystem by onboarding Another World’s global community onto the Klaytn ecosystem and opening doors for them to experience other Dapps within the chain. Chain-level growth by helping each other grow together is crucial in this stage for the mass adoption of web3 by the public. Another World is willing to encourage our current and future community to experience other projects within the chain.

Lastly, we want to contribute to the decentralization of Klaytn by joining the Governance Council as a project with a massive web3 community, among other major corporations of the GC that are not web3-based. Being a web3 project and understanding the importance of decentralization and deflation of KLAY, we will propose agendas to further promote and raise awareness of KLAY’s deflation in Klaytn GC. Providing a utility for GC reward and helping other members understand the potential benefit it will bring to the whole ecosystem is our main goal as a GC member. We will propose agendas for GC members to utilize the GC rewards for the ecosystem for long-term benefits to Klaytn’s community and GC members. With a De-Fi model that encourages GC members to hold and utilize GC rewards, Another World will contribute to the ecosystem’s steady and healthy growth with long-term profits and prevent GC members from selling them for instant profits which counteracts Klaytn’s new vision of becoming a decentralized ecosystem with a deflationary model.

Klaytn Adoption Plan

Another World is designed for the mass adoption of global users in various groups. The metaverse we are dreaming to build is an open world where every user regardless of their age, gender, and group socializes freely and participates as a member of a web3 ecosystem. To achieve mass adoption, Another World is planning on onboarding different communities step by step.

First, activating the Klaytn ecosystem is the first step of our long-term expansion plan. Providing a virtual environment for Klaytn NFT projects and sharing each other’s communities and raising brand awareness will increase Klaytn’s value. Onboarding and leveraging Another World’s global community with 200k members to collaborate with other projects in and out of Klaytn is our initial plan to contribute to the adoption of Klaytn by not only our customers but also potential customers entered through partnerships with projects from different chains.

On top of that, we will utilize Klaytn and Another World’s strong network in various industries to work with major corporations in popular fields with major audiences such as entertainment and gaming. Working with various industry giants, Another World aims to
grow the project as well as raise the brand awareness of Klaytn to a diverse group of audience and lead them to experience Klaytn’s service.

With the launch of sub-projects and CBT, massive transactions from Another World’s massive community will be generated, before the main game launch which is scheduled for next year. The CBT and games are designed to encourage active engagement rather than providing a source of passive income, and thus the community’s active transactions with trading NFT assets, NFT sales, and gameplay will boost the use of KLAY and increase the TVL of Klaytn, leading them to experience the Klaytn ecosystem and its game-friendly environment with low gas fees and transaction speed. Before the launch of CBT and the main product, we are also building fun mini-games as sub-projects that can attract not only our customers of the original community but also a wider audience from different regions to create many transactions and generate DAU on the Klaytn network.

KLAY Adoption Plan

Another World’s metaverse and its massive community need a healthy, sustainable token economy designed fairly for the benefit of the whole ecosystem. Aligning with the new KLAY tokenomics, which aims to make KLAY a more deflationary asset, Another World is building a healthy economy with AWM and KLAY as two focal currencies with proper utilities to prevent inflation.

As we are building a metaverse with scalability that can accept a massive audience and many sub-projects, such as our community NFT collection KEI on Klaytn, there are numerous ways Another World can contribute to making KLAY more deflationary and valuable by providing utilities to KLAY. Along with KLAY’s new deflationary model, providing as many utilities of KLAY as a metaverse gaming platform and a virtual space that supports content from Another World and other Klayn NFT projects will boost the needs of KLAY.

Rather than producing a single game, Another World aims to build a metaverse platform by becoming the portal of other P2E games embracing their communities to reach our goal of becoming a massive metaverse platform. Another World’s user content and every project within are directly linked to generating more transactions collecting gas fees with KLAY, and more content and utilities will increase the value of NFT items costing a higher amount of KLAY. As the Another World ecosystem keeps expanding and provides opportunities to other small businesses within our metaverse with the token economy, more KLAY will be in demand along with the growth of Another World.

Klaytn Mainnet Operation Plan

The Metaverse is the future of the internet, and at Another World, we are pioneering the new frontier. With many big names in the tech industry discussing the potential of the metaverse, we recognize the incredible opportunity to shape the future of digital interactions. However, the metaverse is still a new concept, and we are committed to helping users understand its true meaning and potential. Unlike traditional internet experiences, the metaverse is not simply a three-dimensional improvement; it represents a complete transformation in the way we interact with data, transactions, communications, and ownership of assets.

At Another World, we are leading the change towards a better, more secure, and mesmerizing future for all, utilizing Klaytn’s mainnet and its technological strength. Industry-leading fast transaction speed and low gas fees provide a perfect environment for game development. Utilizing the mainnet’s technology, Another World and in-game builders will provide fun games and a UGC platform that provides a seamless experience and a satisfying experience for both game players and crypto investors. Moreover, Klaytn’s Metaverse Knowledge Kit and strong support for Metaverse developers can be the backbone of building a stronger Metaverse for Another World.

It is widely known that gaming is a category that generates most transactions in web3. Another World aims to build a Metaverse platform that further boosts user activity to create more transactions. We are implementing a system that will reward users based on how much effort and time they put into the game and deduct points from the users who do not visit to generate as many user interactions as possible. Encouraging users to trade game items, complete quests, level up, and improve their characters will create a vast number of on-chain transactions, to continue the growth of the ecosystem and promote Klaytn mainnet’s strong technology and environment for web3 builders.


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