Transfer of 3Q23 KCF/KFF Budget Announcement

We wish to inform you that a transfer of 59,458,290 KLAY will be initiated as the 3Q23 budget plan was approved through KGP-12. These funds will be moved from the KCF/KFF wallets to the designated working wallets, which will be utilized for actual disbursements. As a result, there will be an immediate increase in the circulating supply of KLAY by the mentioned amount. However, actual disbursements will occur discreetly and at varying intervals, depending on individual schedules.

For the sake of transparency, we have introduced a KCF/KFF usage dashboard on Klaytn Square. This tool will allow you to conveniently monitor the specific KLAY payments categorized according to the GC-approved budget.

Meanwhile, voting for the KCF August payout will commence this week. We encourage you to stay informed for additional information and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

We deeply appreciate your attention and continued support.

3Q23 budget transfer
KCF : 38,167,005 KLAY
(designated working wallet address: 0x53bbD1B961C9B42daD018bA60bC4BEEc3cBbc55a)

KFF: 21,291,285 KLAY
(designated working wallet address: 0x646aEE02bFa62Abb73e15DA9677E916e911d0b37)

Total: 59,458,290 KLAY