KCF Grant Proposal - CHANNEL-iN

Project name : CHANNEL-iN

Product Description

CHANNEL-iN is an influencer advertising platform that is based on blockchain technology. Based on digital assets, we started an advertising platform that can participate in the various persons concerned (advertiser, influencer, follower). We are planning to grow as a community platform. Currently, we are creating various revenue-generating paths for influencers and building a decentralized ecosystem where all members of the platform benefit by creating their own communities.

CHANNEL-iN was organized to total three detailed channels, the type of users was classified into 3 types according to each channel.

i-MISSION is a channel where advertisers can post the content they want to promote and where influencers can participate in advertising. In this channel, the platform acts as an intermediary between advertisers and influencers, connecting them.

i-MATCH is a channel where influencers promote their own media and advertisers to propose to influencers for promotion, advertisers and influencers can freely promote and transact.

i-TEZ is a channel where all users can use blockchain services. In this channel, users can earn additional profits through NFT synthesis and staking.


Advertisers can promote the products or services they wish to promote through the i-MISSION channel.


Advertiser Request>Mission Registration>Contents Evaluation>Pay the rewards>Outcome report

  1. Advertiser Request

Select the desired platform and request a mission.

  1. Mission Registration

Register on the platform. after adjusting the mission conditions.

  1. Contents Evaluation

After checking the Guide or conditions, and modify the contents.

  1. Pay the rewards

Complete to pay the rewards after confirmation by the advertiser.

  1. Outcome report

Deliver comprehensive reports that are easy to understand.

The reward token can be set as a token of the Klaytn network whose value can be computed. Token value computation is listed through the Swap Scanner API. Through this, advertisers can easily run advertisements and receive reports on execution cases.


Influencers can receive requests from advertisers by providing PR information about the media information they have and the type and field of advertising they can provide.


Media PR registration>Advertising request>Advertising>Receive Reward

  1. Media PR registration

Influencers list their media information and PR about the service types they can provide.

  1. Advertising request

Advertisers who want to promote check the influencer’s PR and apply for a transaction.

  1. Advertising

Use the chat function built into the platform to adjust conditions and execute advertisements.

  1. Receive Reward

Once feedback on the executed advertisement is completed, the advertiser delivers the reward to the influencer.


This is a space where all users can freely participate and earn additional profits. Based on the i-TEZ world-view, unique content is provided for each planet, and can be used as bonus rewards that can be obtained from each channel of CHANNEL-iN.

World-view PV link

In the future, all users will be able to create and operate individual communities, and a roadmap will be established to strengthen the community and gradually expand it. Through this, it is built so that non-blockchain users can naturally flow into blockchain services.

Introduction of i-TEZ usage tokens

Aien (ERC-721)
-Aien is essential NFT to use i-TEZ content.
-Users can earn additional profits for each planet by leveling up and strengthening Aien.

iTems (ERC-1155)
-item NFT is neccessary for leveling and strengthening Aien.
-This can acquire additionally by being act in i-MISSION and i-MATCH.

-PER is a utility token.
-It can be additionally acquired through i-MISSION and i-MATCH, and can also be used in i-TEZ content.

Content Introduction

i-TEZ is building a world-view based on the universe, and each content with unique characteristics is named P0, P1, and P2 (planet).

P0(NFT Mixing Planet)

P0 is the planet that can do various activities such as synthesizing NFT and increasing stats. Aien, an essential NFT, is growed up and mix item NFTs to use in the content of i-TEZ

P1(PER Mining Planet)

P1 stakes PER, a utility token, and earns additional profits. Users can increase their rewards by raising their owenership percentage using item NFTs.

P2(Aien Mining Planet)

P2 can and earn profits by staking upgraded Aien NFTs on each layer. This planet is divided into several layers, and rewards are distributed according to the number of NFTs staked in the layer.

Product Team
Our team was organized in June, 2020, and has been building service steady to Klaytn network.

The main service areas are advertisement and community, and the team is very loyal to the network equipped with good infrastructure.

In order to verify transparent services, we have conducted a Xangle business evaluation and have been graded ‘BB-‘. And through the KODA’s custody service deposit, we built up a healthy token ecosystem.

Product Team Members

  • Hankyu Bae/CEO
    Our company is based on the importance of a community that connects people. This is one of the reasons that has enabled our team to continue to develop without giving up on community and advertising services since 2020.

  • Jonghak Park/CMO
    He worked in the leisure business marketing department under Booyoung Group for 16 years, and was recruited to the team based on his long career and hands-on experience.

  • Jangju Jo/CTO
    He has been working on blockchain development since the beginning. CTO have taken the lead in per wallet, klaymint, contract, and are developing pilot tests while simultaneously user-centered technologies such as abstract account and layerZero protocol.

  • Taesun Park/VP.engineering
    He worked as a development team leader for a long time at technology research workers such as Kumho Marine Tech and Shindong Digitech, and at the development company RS team. Currently, he is working on establishing a stable and efficient development strategy and taking charge of the development lead.

In addition to a total of 15 people make up the team, including media, video and marketing members.

Product History

Product Links

Product Website : https://CHANNEL-iN.io

Official Document : https://per-project.gitbook.io/per-project/

Team Official Website : https://perproject.io

Media Links

Twitter : https://twitter.com/PER_PROJECT

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/@perproject474

Blog : CHANNEL iN님의 블로그 : 네이버 블로그

Instagram : 채널아이앤 l Channel_iN (@channel_in.official) • Instagram photos and videos

Facebook : CHANNEL-iN

Linktree: @CHANNEL-iN | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree

KCF Grant

Grant Proposal

The endemic problem with other projects (Aavegotchi, Ether cards, etc.) that use random numbers generated outside the blockchain network in a centralized method to smart contracts is that it is difficult to provide transparent information and miners can manipulate data. They are solving this problem and upgrading the service through Chainlink’s oracle service.

Also, CHANNEL-iN requires random numbers when users want to grow up the main NFT in the i-TEZ service, and the service is currently operated by generating random numbers in a centralized method. Recently, we have been receiving requests from users to provide more transparent information about random number generation methods, and we have been considering solutions to address this. While searching for a technical solution, I came across the VRF service of Orakl Network, the official blockchain oracle of the Klaytn Foundation, and would like to use the VRF service to gain greater credibility from community members.

We aim to grow into Klaytn Network’s representative Web3 community platform by increasing sales through advertising services and at the same time planning and developing various contents through i-TEZ.

We propose a total of USD 50,000 as a grant. This is based on i-TEZ usage traffic (generated about 26,600 random numbers) occurred over a total of 110 days from 2023.07.11 to 2023.10.30. We are requesting funds that can be used for a total of 1 year.

Expected Result

The goal of the grant proposal is to revitalize services through transparent information provision.
Because transparent information about random number generation is not provided, there are significantly fewer users actually consuming content compared to users who have minted the main NFT on the current platform.

We expect that the introduction of Orakl Network’s VRF will increase the total transaction volume by about 23 times.

(This figure is calculated based on the average number of attempts when upgrading from Lv.1 to Lv.2.)

After the renewal service was opened on March 31 of this year, active influencers on the platform uploaded promotional videos, attracting a large number of new users, and as a result, the total number of users increased by more than five times compared to the initial period of the service. If VRF is applied and increased trust in the community users, we expect to be able to increase the influx of new users by conducting marketing with influencers.

Most of the advertising platforms that had established themselves within the Klaytn ecosystem are not operating properly or have discontinued their services. CHANNEL-iN judges this as an opportunity. By laying the basis for further growth, we want to increase the trust and loyalty of community users and solidify our position as an advertising platform.

We hope to keep an eye on the future of CHANNEL-iN and look forward to further contributing to the Klaytn ecosystem through this grant and growing into an advertising platform loved not only by our platform but also by the Klaytn community.

Development Milestone

It is expected that VRF application and distribution to the actual service environment will be completed within 20 days.

Development details

  • VRF is applied for the purpose of generating random numbers to level up NFT used in i-TEZ

  • Establishment of VRF usage monitoring system

  • (Optional) Monthly VRF usage report can be delivered


Our team’s grant usage is difficult to set milestones for output, which is different from development and marketing. In particular, it is difficult to measure the outcome of the funding depending on activation and usage. Therefore, we hope to set a service usage period and manage the funding through a Contract account required to use the service without our team’s withdrawal authority.

To summarize, it is like this.

● $50,000 klay credit to call VRF for 1 year

● The funding is received through the contract account that our team cannot withdraw.

● Remaining quantity returned after the period has passed

● If Klay is exhausted early before the expiration of the period, the service is maintained with team funds.

● In order to make VRF usage status accessible at any time, we plan to create and distribute contract functions and usage status.

Budget Form

It seems okay to use a restricted grant for withdrawals in order to utilize Orakl Network’s VRF.

Thank you for your opinion.

We use the grant purely for the purpose of using VRF as described in the proposal and we plan to prevent withdrawals to the will of the team. Also, we plan to develop an additional contract to share detailed state for using VRF.