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About Footprint Analytics:
Footprint Analytics is a data platform blending web2 and web3 data with abstractions. We help analysts, builders, and investors turn blockchain data into insights with accessible visualization tools and a powerful multi-chain API across 28+ chains for NFTs, GameFi, and DeFi.

For indexing Klaytn chain data and providing data for the community, I think the key point is the Klaytn infrastructure improvement. For example, attract more developers to build protocols on Klaytn using our free data APIs, and bring more analysts spread insights to benefit the community.
We expect to apply for a grant of $40,000 to support the developement.

Milestone 1: Klaytn chain data for Klaytn developers and analysts
Expected completion date: 4 weeks
Structured data table: Klaytn_transactions, Klaytn_token_transfer and more
Klaytn chain data analytics dashboards
Klaytn chain data APIs on Footprint

Milestone 2: Klaytn wallet profile data for Klaytn users, developers, and analysts
Expected completion date: 2 - 4 weeks
Klaytn wallet profile (wallet token balance, transaction, money flow etc.) data APIs on Footprint

Milestone 3: Klaytn Game data for Klaytn users, developers, and analysts
Expected completion date: 4 - 6 weeks
Structured GameFi data tables
Klaytn GameFi data analytics dashboards
Klaytn GameFi data APIs on Footprint

Project description
1. What are we building and why?

  • We are building a Web3 data infrastructure for all the developers, analysts and researchers, and more.
  • Blockchain is a new technology, and we are still exploring its value. Unfortunately, most analytics tools focus on cryptocurrency quotes and compliance analysis, but Footprint is changing that. Footprint Analytics is a one-stop analytics platform that makes blockchain analytics possible for anyone. Here are some of its features:
    • Most comprehensive coverage of Chains and Domains. Now Footprint Analytics has the most comprehensive warehouse of indexed on-chain data, covering 27 chains, 18 NFT marketplaces, over 2000 GameFi projects, and over 1,000,000 NFT collections.
    • Diverse and robust data model. Footprint has developed our own data model, which involves the aggregation of raw data in accordance with various triggers (scheduled, directly after the raw transaction data is saved, etc.) into tables that immediately carry business value by design.
    • Build your customized Web3 infrastructure with Footprint Analytics Data APIs. Now, Footprint Analytics puts all data at the world’s fingertips with a unified data API. It allows developers to access data with a single query. The flexible API with SQL and REST versions is an enterprise-grade Web3 tool that connects any tech stack to blockchain networks.
    • The first blockchain data analytics supports support web2 data connectors to understand users across the webs
  • With Footprint, anyone can collect, summarize, and visualize data from the blockchain, making it easier to process and understand blockchain data. It’s time to explore the actual value of blockchain analytics with Footprint Analytics.

2. How will this make positive impacts for Klaytn Ecosystem?

  1. Help the developers to build their Dapps more easily: We can provide structured data and data solutions(such as data analytics and data APIs) for all the developers.
  • Free and ready-to-use project 0-coding Analytics. Footprint provides a standard dashboard based on structured tables. Klaytn on-boarding projects can claim their dashboards without any investment in dev or analyst resources.
  • Free and ready-to-build APIs. Accelerate the development of the Klaytn ecosystem.
  1. Help Klaytn to understand and monitor your ecosystem development.
  • We can provide Data on user and developer participation, number of users, activity level, etc. This is good for discovering potential projects, monitoring the condition of the ecosystem, and providing support and backing for the developers on the chain.
  • And you can compare Klaytn and other chains to understand the situation of competing chains.
  1. Help to increase the brand awareness of Klaytn: With dashboards and research reports, we can spread the word about Klaytn’s progress. We have more than 50+ media channels with 500k exposure.

About my team and achievements so far:
1. Achievements:
Currently we have parsed a total of 28 chains, providing 0 code usage data to get insights for all those in the Web3 industry, as well as a free-to-use API.

- Provides developers with more efficient productivity

  • In addition to providing raw data from 28 chains, we also provide structured 18 NFT marketplaces, over 2000 GameFi projects, and over 1,000,000 NFT collections.

- Provide users with chain ecosystem monitoring dashboards

2. Key metrics:

  • Total Users: 188k
  • MAU: 10k+
  • Creators: 6,800+
  • Dashboards and Charts: 44k
  • Project Developers: 400+
  • Discord Members: 13k+
  • Twitter followers: 42k

3. About my team:

  • We have a strong team. My two co-founders, I am in my 11th year of working together. In these 10+ years, our team has made e-commerce applications with 10 million users, and fintech applications including trading/risk management/credit models.
  • Most of these projects, which made it to the top of the industry, could not continue to scale up due to some industry policies. Interestingly, even after changing many different projects, our core team has been able to keep learning and keep moving forward together.
  • In 17 years, our team started to contact blockchain and was one of the early miners. 18~19 years we tried to apply our experience in quantitative trading to blockchain and did some quantitative trading in CeFi for a while, and in 20 years I led the team to develop a few Dapps. so our team has been following the blockchain track and trying some projects. In 21 years, the team went through a few intense after some heated discussions, we decided to find a track that was worth investing in for 10 years. Since our team had rich project experience in web2 data and models as well as web3 in the previous years, we made a combination of these experiences in web2 and web3 and started from the web3 data track, which was the origin of Footprint.

Is there a game company that your team is contacting which games to include on Klaytn first?


We are more than happy to introduce developers and amplify the promotion via community workshops and other contents to boost the community. :partying_face:

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It would be a good idea to talk to the game company running on the klaytn blockchain in advance and decide what to list in advance.
Let me know your email address. Let me introduce you to the Klaytn game company I know.

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@Creder-Itcen That would be a good idea. Here is my email address,

We work with many game companies with data solutions to help them connect web2 and web3 data, and help them to build up a data-driven operation system so that they can focus on their business without building a data infra.

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