[GC Membership Application] Klaytn Marketing & PR support By BlockBuilders & MarketAcross

Name: BlockBuilders [Powered by MarketAcross]

BlockBuilders as a Klaytn GC member

BlockBuilders aims to bring extra value to Klaytn’s ecosystem as a Governance Council member, reliable and secure Web3 Validator, and Node Operator. As a Klaytn Governance Council member, the BlockBuilders team offers immense experience in PR and marketing after years of working with countless networks and web3 projects since 2017. We will contribute to the Council by harnessing our expertise, our network, and the tools that we’ve gathered over the years at MarketAcross.

What differentiates our proposal is that- we will commit 50% of all the rewards generated by the validator back to Klaytn through MarketAcross - the world’s leading PR & content marketing agency in the Web3 space. This would mean that Klaytn and the Klaytn ecosystem will get access to top tier PR & content marketing services and marketing support that extends as the network grows.

For the sake of decentralization, we have our own infrastructure based in the Netherlands. We’re not dependent on any 3rd party server provider since we run our own infra. Having said that, to maintain our 99.9% uptime performance, we do run backup servers on multiple DCs in different regions (Europe/US/Asia).

Also, as part of the offer, we partner with BlockBuildersVC to provide a broader range of guidance and support.

About MarketAcross

MaketAcross is the Web3 branch of the InboundJunction group, started in the SaaS world a decade ago, proudly representing 200+ startups, including Hubspot, Walkme, Wix, SimilarWeb, Incapsula, Payoneer, Appsflyer, Elementor, BigCommerce, SiSense, Kissmetrics, and more.

We then launched MarketAcross in 2014, and made it into a blockchain-focused agency shortly after the Ethereum ICO. Since then, we have served over 300 blockchain companies, including Binance, Solana, Polygon, Crypto. com, Polkadot, Tezos, Huobi, Kucoin, and eToro - to name a few.

With countless Web2 & Web3 unicorn clients, we have worked with the best product marketers, building long-lasting, sustainable organic growth channels by utilizing the entire earned media toolkit. We also bring this skill set when engaging any new client in the Web3 space.

MarketAcross first met Klaytn at KBW2022, and since then we’ve supported Klaytn and Klaytn’s ecosystem with our marketing services. So, we’re familiar with Klaytn and want to be even more involved in the Klaytn ecosystem.

Our Case studies


Our Proposal

We request a delegation of 5M KLAY tokens to become an active validator and a Governance Council member. MarketAcross has been successfully supporting networks and web3 projects since 2017. The model we propose includes the full scope of our services as a worlds leading blockchain PR & Marketing firm. 50% of all block rewards will go towards providing support for the Klaytn Foundation and Klaytn’s ecosystem with top-of-the-line marketing services—funded by the network’s growth.

**The block rewards will be allocated at the discretion of the Klaytn Foundation.

The Challenge

Blockchain networks such as Klaytn must keep a lot of plates spinning: protocol development, community support, project grants, partnerships, and treasury management, to name a few. With so many fires to fight, it’s easy for non-critical tasks to get shoved down the pecking order.

Things like marketing and ecosystem funding sustain a flourishing network. But marketing costs money and competes for precious resources. And thus, networks are faced with a dilemma: to outsource marketing, with the costs this conveys, or handle it in-house and hope their efforts will suffice.

But what if there was a way to master marketing without making compromises? A solution that enables protocols to have their cake and eat it, too?

This is the thinking that inspired us to funnel the block back to Klaytn’s ecosystem, but in marketing services

The best-funded projects aren’t always the best projects. They’re just blessed with the war chest to market their vision. But imagine if it didn’t have to be that way: imagine if new projects could receive the support they need to succeed by tapping into a ready-made marketing budget.

Our concept will help all projects operating on Klaytn to level up. The well-funded ones. The unfunded ones. And everything in between. All are eligible for support, creating a meritocracy in which great ideas amplify greatly.

The Solution

BlockBuilders is a marketing solution that’s funded by genuine and measurable network growth.

By collecting the rewards that accrue from validating Klaytn and redirecting almost half of this revenue back into the ecosystem, BlockBuilders kills two birds with one stone. Klaytn gains a professional validation service that further decentralizes its infrastructure while benefiting from a professional marketing service focused on growing its ecosystem. And the best part? They don’t have to spend a single cent.

Every node operator is committed to supporting Klaytn’s native ecosystem. But no other node operator can match BlockBuilders’ support: we deliver one by assigning 50% of all revenue to marketing.

Team & Experience

We have a well-diversified and experienced team. First, our team members are crypto enthusiasts who have been in this market for 5-10 years. Our CTO, Rafael Yahlomi (PhD. in economics), is a well-experienced node operator who started his crypto journey as a Crypto Quant developer 7 years ago. In 2018, he decided to focus on node operations (when the majority was PoW with Bitcoin and Ethereum mining), and later, he shifted with the market to the PoS mechanism. Under the CTO team, we have 2 developers & 2 blockchain researchers. The tech team is geographically diversified to ensure 24/7 service & maintenance.

In addition, we have our marketing & business development team, which includes Kim Bazak, VP of Business Development, who is well experienced in both marketing and BizDev in the crypto space for 6 years, and Elad Mor, CEO of BlockBuilders with over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business building in the web3 space.

Additional toolkit

We will also utilize Chainwire as our primary wire-distributor partner, whose reach within the crypto market is unrivaled.

Validator performance

Our services are monitored 24 hours a day with emergency alarms, phone calls, and text notifications. Also, we have 24H technical experts ready for everything that could happen. In addition, like our own infra, the monitoring system is a proprietary tool we developed for ourselves and not a 3rd party one. Therefore, we are glad to have and to offer an uptime of 99%.

BlockBuilders Provides to Klaytn

:white_check_mark: Professional team with experience running nodes on multiple networks

:white_check_mark: Dedicated high-end servers

:white_check_mark: Premium data centers distributed globally

:white_check_mark: Maximum uptime and multiple backups

:white_check_mark: High-grade security

:white_check_mark: Extensive bandwidth

:white_check_mark: 24/7 monitoring

:white_check_mark: Alert system

:white_check_mark: Real-time updates

:white_check_mark: 100% uptime with an insurance program

:white_check_mark: Full transparency

:white_check_mark: Community support channel

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Hey team,

Elad here, CEO/co-founder @ MarketAcross / Blockbuilders

We’ve been supporting Klaytn for a while now as their PR company, we’ve recently helped Klaytn get a PR footprint in both Korea Blockchain Week and Token2049 and we’re looking to expend our work to reach even bigger and better results for Klatytn as a brand in web3 and for the Klaytn ecosystem.

Here’s a snippet of our recent work (which is just the tip of the iceberg):

I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have, as I think this offer could really help Klaytn get to the next level in terms of PR and content marketing :slight_smile:

Best regards,