Introducing the Pilot Gas Fee Delegation Program

Introducing the Pilot Gas Fee Delegation Program

1. Background

Gas fee has often hindered the seamless progress of users for Klaytn Dapps and stifled the creative energies of our vibrant Klaytn community. In response to our partners’ challenges posed by transaction gas fees, we’re excited to introduce the Gas Fee Delegation Program. This program has several key objectives:

  1. Efficient Support for Partners: We intend to pave the way for Klaytn’s top-tier partners to traverse the blockchain landscape more effectively.

  2. Promotion of Klaytn Network’s Features: Delegation beyond mere fee reduction, this program seeks to promote Klaytn Network’s signature gas fee delegation features, championing their integration into the heart of our ecosystem.

  3. Identifying Key Contributors: Amidst our spirited community, this initiative seeks to recognize and acknowledge those who significantly contribute to the Klaytn Network, guiding Klaytn’s narrative through their exceptional contributions.

Another thing to emphasize is that this kind of program allows project teams to leverage the fee delegation feature and connect directly to the Foundation’s wallet to automatically pay for their users’ transactions, leading to removing the selling pressure of KLAY on the market which can occur with typical ecosystem grants. Klaytn Foundation thinks these approaches can be more healthy incentives for the whole ecosystem.

2. Application

For a span of two weeks, we shall accept applications from project teams through this post. Applicants are entreated to reply a comment with their company name, service name, email address, transaction contract address and service logo image file. If you want to provide more information and materials, please also send an email to These information will be used to provide more precise data on Square page.

3. Budget & Delegation Amount

Klaytn Foundation allocated 1 million KLAY for the Gas Fee Delegation Program in 3Q23 treasury plan, with the expectation that this budget will be used until the first half of the following year. After monitoring December pilot program’s gas fee delegation volumes, Klaytn Foundation will operate quarterly programs with newly chosen partners in 2024.

Among the applicants, the five leading producers of gas fees during the months of October and November shall be chosen as ‘December delegation program partners’. Additionally, five teams that were picked up by Klaytn Foundation in contemplation of recent transaction volume growth and contributions to the ecosystem shall also partake in this program. Delegation program partners’ efforts shall be rewarded as follows:

1st Place: 50,000 KLAY
2nd Place: 30,000 KLAY
3rd Place: 20,000 KLAY
4th Place: 10,000 KLAY
5th Place: 5,000 KLAY

Separate five teams selected by Klaytn Foundation shall each receive 5,000 KLAY to their gas fee delegation wallets.

The entire budget of 1 million KLAY will be transferred to Klaytn Foundation’s operating wallet for the delegation program. Each partner will utilize a dedicated wallet, and the allocated sum shall be conveyed for the program’s duration. Starting in 1Q24, as the program assumes full operational status, data shall be diligently collected andevaluated quarterly, with a three-month budget disbursed and returned back to the operational wallet at the close of each quarter.

4. Expected Timeline

  • 10/30 - 11/15: Application Period
  • 11/16 - 11/17: Project Screening & Announcement
  • 11/20 - 11/30: Support for the Dev issues & Wallet Setting
  • 12/1 - 12/31: Pilot Program Operation
  • Company Name : Proground Inc.
  • Service Name : SuperWalk
  • Email Address :
  • Transaction Contract Address : 0x63d4f17d2a8a729fd050f7679d961b1dfbb1e3af

SuperWalk - Service Logo

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  • Company Name : Swapscanner
  • Service Name : Swapscanner
  • Email Address :
  • Transaction Contract Address : 0xf50782a24afcb26acb85d086cf892bfffb5731b5

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  • Company Name : Nolatency Limited
  • Service Name : Drawshop Kingdom Reverse
  • Email Address :
  • Transaction Contract Address : 0x6119F654Fd0f9B70c1C1c0875a045CB0650D2E13

Company Name : Fautor Foundation
Service Name : Fantrie
Email Address :
Transaction Contract Address : 0x60ad57f39b235640df83e434caab2dfa6a62838b
Fantrie Basic

Klaytn Foundation has extended the application period until November 15th to encourage more participants. The results will still be announced within the next week, as originally planned. Thank you for your understanding and continued interest.

Company Name : cic community Inc.
Service Name : CHANNEL-iN
Email Address :
Transaction Contract Address : contract list (google sheets)

img more(link)

Company Name : Iskra
Service Name : Iskra
Email Address :
Transaction Contract Address : contract list (google sheets

Thanks for your interest and applications.

We received a total of 7 projects for the gas fee delegation program, and all the teams will join the pilot program in December. Here’s a breakdown of the allocated budgets for each team, taking into account the recent monthly gas fees:

  1. DeFi Kingdoms: 50,000 KLAY
  2. Swapscanner: 30,000 KLAY
  3. Superwalk: 20,000 KLAY
  4. Iskra: 10,000 KLAY
  5. Drawshop Kingdom Reserve: 5,000 KLAY
  6. Fantrie: 5,000 KLAY
  7. CHANNEL-iN: 5,000 KLAY

Starting next week, Klaytn Foundation will reach out to each team individually to provide support for the integration of gas fee delegation functions.

During the pilot program, Klaytn Foundation will diligently enhance operations, ensuring a smooth experience. Consequently, we anticipate a broader array of ecosystem partners can benefit from the next programs in 2024.