Gas Fee Delegation Program for 1Q24

Introducing the 1Q24 Gas Fee Delegation Program

After operating the pilot gas fee delegation program, Klaytn Foundation will be starting a new one after receiving participant feedback. Please be aware of the following to receive support on gas fees.

Until January 24th, project teams are invited to submit applications here through comments. Existing partners in the pilot gas fee program will be automatically considered, with notifications sent to the Klaytn Foundation. Interested parties should respond to this post with their [company name, service name, email address, transaction contract address, and service logo image file].

For additional information and materials, please send an email to

Fee Delegation Amount
In 2024, Klaytn Foundation will conduct gas fee support programs with more partners quarterly. The top 5 producers of gas fees during the past months will be rewarded with KLAY that can be dedicated for the use of delegation to users. Five teams will be additionally selected by Klaytn Foundation based on recent transaction volume growth and contributions to the ecosystem. Each partner will utilize a dedicated wallet, and the allocated sum shall be conveyed for the program’s duration. The reward structure for the program is as follows.

1st Place: 100,000 KLAY
2nd Place: 70,000 KLAY
3rd Place: 50,000 KLAY
4th Place: 30,000 KLAY
5th to 10th Place: 10,000 KLAY
Every participant: 5,000 KLAY (Applications will be accepted continuously throughout the program’s operation. Once projects complete the setup of wallet features, each team will receive the minimum support)

Expected Timeline

  • 1/15 - 1/24: Application Period
  • 1/25: Partners Announcement
  • 1/25 - 1/31: Support for the Dev issues & Wallet Setting
  • Around the end of 1Q24: New application for 2Q program

We look forward to empowering our partners and fostering a dynamic ecosystem with the Gas Fee Delegation Program in 2024! And once again, teams applying for minimum gas fee support(5,000 KLAY) are encouraged to submit their applications anytime even beyond the initial application period.


company name : Bluewhale company, 블루웨일(주)
service name : Bluewhale protocol (블루웨일 프로토콜)
transaction contract address :

Bluewhale contract

  • smart swap router : 0x244cc53e58d2d0215d8089406f24ed75cf94266b
    -ADOL rewar dclaim contract : 0xf7a669Ef742425b2a48b7C2a6E959b737D8d394e
    -aqua space V2 router : 0x79aF34a2c46eaCB39eEc508A0d9d0986686B4134
    -Pearl masterchef : 0x952F202B5E58058DEb468cd30d081922C36bf29a
    -Krill masterchef : 0x68e83E5300594E664701Aa38A1d80F9524cA82D8
    -Clam masterchef : 0x19562EF0c60837e71eb78b66786D7070bB3675a0
    bwpm address : 0x19c8f636118dfb7b6cbe2620a7653e229f8b8011
    sbwpmaddress : 0xf4546e1d3ad590a3c6d178d671b3bc0e8a81e27d
    clam address : 0xba9725eaccf07044625f1d232ef682216f5371c2
    peaer address : 0xb3b1b54e3b9a27cee606f1018760abec4274bd35
    adol address : 0x408d1356fbc3a768b677782229a85bac360c3694
    sadol address : 0x4f3ac44bb2345d3960e34dd5dfe275249e43ae4a
    krill address : 0x83bc9fe9eebfeb1ad4178ac5e7445dc6a7e95718
    Buyback funds : 0xC39BedebbBDE55278eF7cc06233Bd8af2fAd54EA

service logo image file :

Bluewhale is one of the protocols with the strongest community in the Klaytn ecosystem, and provides a variety of services that make the investment activities of cryptocurrency owners easier and more efficient. Currently, Bluewhale provides decentralized finance-related services such as holding asset and DeFi investment status dashboard, smart swap, etc.
have a nice day

Homepage :

Telegram : Telegram: Contact @bluewhale_offl

Have a nice day!!

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Company Name: X-TICKET
Service Name: X-TICKET
Whitepaper/docs: X-TICKET Overview - X-TICKET WhitePaper

XTC Token/CA: 0xe445e4a382cb58c26fd8811115e69e52357fe8ff
(A total of 3,970 TXs were made for this CA so far)

Overview: X-TICKET is a decentralized Global Integrated Performing Arts Platform. X-TICKET was found to revitalize the performing arts industry. The platform connects stakeholders worldwide, enabling access to diverse cultural performances and performing arts while addressing common ticketing issues.

Kakao Klip Drops CA: 0xa9a95c5fef43830d5d67156a2582a2e793acb465

Phantom of the Opera - Seoul (Complete) - A total of 10,361 NFTs were airdropped (most were newly created wallets and female users)

뮤지컬 [오페라의 유령-서울] 디지털 기념품 (완료)

Phantom of the Opera - Busan (Complete) - A total of 167 NFTs were airdropped (most were newly created wallets and female users)

뮤지컬 [오페라의 유령-부산] 디지털 기념품 (완료)

Phantom of the Opera - Daegu (In progress) - As of January 23, 2024 (a total of 7,004 were airdropped, most were newly created wallets and female users)

뮤지컬 [오페라의 유령-대구] 디지털 기념품 (진행중)

Aside from the 3 NFTs above, we’ve also sold Phantom of the Opera VIP NFT Tickets on Upbit NFT and Musical CATS NFT Special Ticket on Klip Drops as well. We’re currently doing an NFT airdrop as well for the musical “School of Rock” that is on-going at Seoul Arts Center Opera House.

Upbit NFT Link - 뮤지컬 '오페라의 유령' NFT | 업비트 NFT

Klip Drops CATS Link -

In total we’ve made over 21,500 transactions on Klay.

Service Logo Image File:

Company name : Mystarpick OÜ
Service name : MyStarPick
Email address :
Contract address : 0xf3fb962716229265fe9532cb4cb7e7c9fdca5713
Service logo image file :

MyStarPick is a secure and reliable voting platform designed to instill trust among organizers, competition participants, and voters.
It has been successfully deployed in major auditions and contests, including renowned events like the Miss Korea, Miss Chunhyang Contest, and Muscle Mania.
As a result of hosting more than 30 contests and amassing over 100,000 users, MyStarPick has emerged as a leading audition platform in Korea, boasting a record of over 1.7 million votes securely stored on the Klaytn.

Company name : EMEL VENTURES Inc.
Service name : SOMESING
Website :
Email :

Overview : SOMESING is a blockchain-based 'Singing Content Platform that rewards content created by its users. Users can sing to the 40K+ of music accompaniments provided by the SOMESING mobile application or create content through various performances, which they can post on the platform and share with other users. A customized wallet is created for each content that is posted on the platform, and each content can be supported with SSX tokens from a variety of listeners or fans during the two-week posting period. When the posting period expires, 60% of the total cumulative tokens will be distributed to users (creators), the owner of the content, and the remaining 40% will be attributed to the SOMESING platform to cover music usage fees, copyright fees, and platform operating costs. The SOMESING team has professional know-how and experience in developing and operating mobile karaoke applications and has a rich human network in related industries as well as technical expertise. It also holds a number of patents for core technologies related to blockchain-based content platforms. In order to expand to the Web 3.0 service, the SOMESING team has been faithfully carrying out the roadmap, and as a first step, SOMESING has updated the ‘Sing NFT’ feature that allows users to mint NFT using the content they created on the platform.

Transaction contract address :

token : 0xdcd62c57182e780e23d2313c4782709da85b9d6c

Posting1 : 0x336c58EB84dC5D1BED1a600805d503E4A710f470
Posting2 : 0x64d3505650bb43c80bc89cecb7bfa7f70e098f86
Withdraw : 0xd3BA2a3Bd50808cb0Fa6c21Db4511036175Cc662
SongCopyRight : 0xf93b0d3e03422416b787e850c51f7be47ab481e5
NFT : 0x3F58aC5CBD7951ca435358721C381f3fAA894102

Service logo image file :

Thank you.

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Company name : nftime
Service name : Certi
Email address :
Website :
transaction contract address : 0x7c07c1579ad1980863c83876ec4bec43bc8d6dfa
Service logo image file :

‘Certi’ is the service that allows people to issue and manage digital certificate(NFT).

We plan to provide free services to educational institutions and companies that are currently under discussion.

Accordingly, we apply for this program to request the gas costs require to operate and commercialize our service.

  • Currently, we are in the early stages of commercialization, so we request minimum gas fee support(5,000 KLAY).

Thanks for your interest and applications.

We received a total of 5 new projects this time, and those teams also with existing participants will join the 1Q24 program. Here’s a breakdown of the allocated budgets for each team, taking into account the recent monthly gas fees:

  1. DeFi Kingdoms: 100,000 KLAY
  2. Swapscanner: 70,000 KLAY
  3. Superwalk: 50,000 KLAY
  4. Iskra: 30,000 KLAY
  5. Bluewhale Protocol: 10,000 KLAY
  6. CHANNEL-iN: 10,000 KLAY
  7. Fantrie: 10,000 KLAY
  8. SOMESING: 10,000 KLAY
  9. X-TICKET: 10,000 KLAY
  10. Certi: 10,000 KLAY
  11. MyStarPick: 10,000 KLAY

Starting next week, Klaytn Foundation will reach out to newly joining teams individually to provide support for the integration of gas fee delegation functions.

As announced, teams applying for minimum gas fee support(5,000 KLAY) are encouraged to submit their applications anytime even beyond this announcement. We look forward to your applications.

Company Name: Run To The Future Labs (주식회사 런투더퓨쳐랩스)
Service Name: O-SEAN

Overview: O-SEAN is a collaborative NFT minting service platform for IP owners and creators.

IP owners mint their IPs on O-SEAN and creators can use those IPs to generate secondary NFT.

These secondary NFTs can be used as phygital NFT, and both IP owners and creators can earn royalties when transaction occurs.

O-SEAN has proved the above process through participating SIF (Seoul Illustration Fair) and Klaytn events on 2023.

ex) Klaytn X Local Stitch X O-SEAN - A total of 2364 NFTs were minted as redeemable ticket of official phygital swags in 3 events (Klaytn Square Lounge, Klaytn Hacker House, Token 2049)

Transaction contract addresses :

  1. Minter Admin1: 0x94A8BF8468a01b630E6Ba6195d8d00054169b932
  2. Minter Admin2: 0x75ceE0d7403CB75E7DE77bB7Ae66E503F2b8031d

Service Logo Image File:

Add Address
Withdraw : 0xfb357bd25aed9a0712e7a68f06c0daf409ab5fcc

Company Name : ArchonLabs
Service Name : azit alliance
email :
website :
Transaction contract address : 0x6cef6dd9a3c4ad226b8b66effeea2c125df194f1

Company Name: HaeTaeZ
Service Name: HTZ Exchange

Overview: HTZ Exchange is permissionless non-custodial perpetual DEX. With robust oracles such as Supra and Pyth (we’re discussing now), HTZ has maximum security for seamless trading on-chain

Transaction contract addresses:

Contract Address
DataStore [0xeA4c1A679665a832FcccCd53709463F7157009DF]
AssetStore [0xE93B1a0bD715bd4E23F939457cCc8854bd8db7a5]
FundingStore [0x9A5966587b072912cCA78Df02585c985b5C5359b]
FundStore [0x9f9F5F1c5bcFfC9a8e8a30CBC0D654aEFbA2F64e]
MarketStore [0xF97006dFF1BBfb63369e2bF78F4e45cd6E1a3fad]
OrderStore [0xEE4B9251dB3aa9209079c6563a335b4A40666e19]
PoolStore [0x10318778C7Ce617F25f676Fcf8BFf5731fe414A2]
PositionStore [0x1fCe49d6aba6c52DFDD4797534b00972253DDCa2]
RiskStore [0x72584247Ab5046e7A5d99bc6aE5AB3A4E477eb06]
Funding [0x6c4B740Ee22ABc65B6b7260c7aC18d9FA4298b63]
Orders [0x6B54c387Aa159Fe1D3024B6E9b87d93FDde4da30]
Pool [0xD6E99d88C88c407D8bcBD29DDCcC0D43BE8328E5]
Positions [0xDBC6DFc2Ae3b17831a57C7e2fC2Ad5e300fFD75d]
Processor [0x4fd44A0dEcA1763aF45a5D7B3576F875988B8141]

Service Logo Image File:

Add Contract / Address due to Token Swap from SSX to SSG
Token Contract : 0x63dec0c0cf911d8967446ce422dd31f13e1e0556
Withdraw : 0x59bcfAb858EEE0FAA1ea6476BE12f13Cab7C1f7C
SongCopyRight : 0xf93b0d3e03422416b787e850c51f7be47ab481e5
NFT : 0x3F58aC5CBD7951ca435358721C381f3fAA894102
Posting : 0x679c29aeae41cfe002958bae6ea8d6bc470aeefd
Ecosystem : 0xd5ab114a753b7d2cddfbcd0554696687effb98c3
Token Swap : 0x69e7988fD809B55607739C2E67f5867B82f6b435