[KCP Application] - Bulgogi Finance - P2P Lending Protocol on Klaytn

Product Name:
Bulgogi Finance - 불고기 파이낸스

In the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain and cryptocurrency, the concept of decentralized finance (DeFi) has gained substantial prominence. At the heart of this movement lies crypto lending protocols, innovative platforms that facilitate peer-to-peer lending and borrowing of digital assets. These protocols leverage smart contracts and blockchain technology to enable users to lend their crypto holdings in exchange for interest, while allowing borrowers to access funds by providing collateral. The abstract explores the architecture, mechanics, and challenges of such protocols, highlighting their potential to reshape traditional financial systems by fostering borderless, transparent, and permissionless lending mechanisms. Through an analysis of their features, risks, and benefits, this abstract sheds light on the transformative potential of crypto lending protocols within the broader context of decentralized finance.

The DeFi ecosystem have flourished in the last few months and not only we’ve been inspired by Klaytn resiliency as one the top blockchain that offers best building blocks for DeFi, we believe DeFi can be more socialized and personalizable while maintaining it’s autonomy and permissionlessness to on-board the next generation of users into the ecosystem.

What is does:
Bulgogi introduces a decentralized peer to peer lending platform which offers a way enabling lenders to maximize earnings on supplied assets while allowing borrowers access to fixed-term fixed-rate loans, removing the risk exposure of their collaterals to price-based liquidations. Borrowers are required to lock a certain amount of collateral to borrow a loan, in which the Collateral ratio is determined by the Rating group the user is categorized as.

Lenders and borrowers are also enabled to determine who to initiate a loan with based on their social stats and on-chain credibility.

Our Missions:
Bulgogi mission is to create a socialized way of lending and borrowing while maintaining DeFi’s autonomy and permissionlessness by offering a decentralized peer to peer way for any individual to engage as a lender or borrower.
Our main goal is to provide an efficient and sustainable way for lenders to maximize their rewards on supplied asset by enabling them the ability to structure their loan terms while also removing the risk of an unexpected liquidation of a borrower’s collateralized loan all being settled on-chain in a fully decentralized manner.

For Lenders:
Terms Structuring: Lenders are enabled to create offers with sets of predetermined loan terms, specifying the principal amount and asset type (ERC20), Collateral types, Loan duration, interest rate demanded to be met by a potential borrower.

Asset Vaulting: the principal supplied by a Lender is locked into a principal vault accessible to the lender anytime. The vault serves as a decentralized escrow between a lender and borrowers.

On-Chain matching: loan offers funded by lenders are matched and settled with a borrower once countersigned, all happening seamlessly with all transactions recorded and fully verifiable on-chain.

Loan Managing: on approving and creating a loan offer, lenders are assigned the full authority to a created loan offer of actions like settling borrow requests, repayments claiming, asset vault management all achievable on-chain

For Borrowers:
Terms Structuring: Borrowers willing to collateralize an asset type for a loan are enabled to create an offer with sets of predetermined terms, specifying the principal amount needed, loan duration, interest rate as a bid to a potential lender.

Offer Bidding: on a lend loan offer, borrowers are allowed to directly request for a borrow loan offer with loan terms relative to the lend loan initially offered by a lender.

Permissionless Borrowing: principals can be borrowed by borrowers permissionlessly from a lend loan offer created by a lender, once the loan terms demanded are met.

Customed Repayment: loan repayments are ease for borrowers to reassess their collateralized asset anytime once repaid. Repayments can be paid in proportions or once within the loan duration specified.

A Flow diagram example.
Here is brief flow diagram showing how loan settlements works between lenders and borrowers.

Note: Emissions accrued claimable by the lender includes both the one accrued on the principal (while waiting to be borrowed), and on the borrowers collateral (while waiting for repayment).

Milestone 1: Development (application development is made after the proposal is received from Community or Committee)
Milestone 2: Beta testing (Deploy dapps on the testnet network, and bring the community to participate)
Milestone 3: Smart contact auditing (This is use so that smart contracts are more secure and trusted for community use on the mainnet)
Milestone 4: Deploying dapps on the mainnet network

Note: The Development and operation may take 3 Weeks ~ 6 Weeks, Or approximately 1 month after the proposal is received.

Grant Request:
We have a request for a Grant of $36000 for application development and operations

-Amiludin - UI/UX Developer
Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xMelz
LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/m-amiludeen

-Aldi - Full stack Web3 Developer

This project is currently in the DEMO stage and has not yet been deployed on a testnet or mainnet network, if you want to try our demo product you can DM to our Twitter below:
@bulgogifinance or @0xMelz

I am Melz who wrote this proposal, thanks for everything especially to the Klaytn team, if you have any questions about this proposal I will be happy to answer.


The budget seems reasonable. 404 error page appears when accessing the linkedin. Does the developer have experience in lending projects developing?


The budget looks reasonable. Good.


A landing protocol already exists in the Klaytn ecosystem.
(ex. klaybank / klap finance, etc.)

Are there any differences from existing DApps?


KF decided not to endorse this proposal for the following reasons:

  1. We could not find any past experience in or contribution to the Klaytn ecosystem of the project team.

  2. We could not find clear difference of the project from other lending protocols in the Klaytn ecosystem.

  3. The milestones are unclear.

As there was no endorsement from other GC members, you need to get community endorsement through our snapshot space. Please refer to the operational procedure to understand how you can attain community endorsement through the snapshot space.

Hello, Thank you for commenting earlier, we apologize profusely for just replying🙏🏼
this is our new link:
• Amiludin:
Github: 0xA15N (a15n) · GitHub
Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/in/0xMelz

• Aldi:
Github: https://github.com/aldiea
Linkedin: https://github.com/in/aldiea

Thank you for supporting our proposal, sorry for the late reply🙏🏼

Hello @sj_p , Thanks for commenting
Sorry we replied late🙏🏼

We have a different system which is peer-to-peer, and use a unique smart contract
The advantages and differences of Our peer-to-peer are as follows:
● Full control:
Users can have full control over the loans and borrowers they choose, including the interest rate, term, and loan amount.

● Transparency:
Peer-to-peer platforms are often more transparent than traditional financial institutions. All transactions are recorded on the Explorer, so they can be checked by anyone.

● Low cost:
By eliminating intermediaries such as banks or traditional financial institutions, transaction costs can be reduced, benefiting both lenders and borrowers.

● Global access:
The Platform allows users to interact with individuals from around the world, opening up opportunities for portfolio diversification.

● Ease of use:
A good Platform will have an easy-to-use user interface, as well as responsive customer support.

● Security:
Our technology provides a high level of security through encryption and well-programmed smart contracts.

● Investment diversification:
Lenders can diversify their portfolios by lending assets to a wide range of borrowers, thereby reducing risk.

● High profit potential:
Higher interest rates compared to traditional savings can provide opportunities for greater passive income.

● Financial inclusiveness:
Our platforms can provide access to financial services to individuals who did not previously have access to the banking system.

And there are many more uses and differences between our platform and others, please comment if you experience confusion😄

Hello, Thanks for replying our proposals
And we apologize for the late reply because lately I have sudden job🙏🏼

  1. Sorry for the trouble, my profile link was changed and it was my mistake, the latest link can be found here:
    [KCP Application] - Bulgogi Finance - P2P Lending Protocol on Klaytn - #6 by Melz

  2. For the differences and uses of our products can be found here:
    [KCP Application] - Bulgogi Finance - P2P Lending Protocol on Klaytn - #9 by Melz

  3. Sorry we have given demo milestones, we will update the milestones and proposals once the snapshot is received

thank you for giving me time for my proposal, we will do a snapshot action ASAP

The difference you are talking about seems to be a function of the lending protocol.

It needs to be different from the lending protocol already released in the Klaytn ecosystem.