[KCF Application]AI trader 'Chartpan' based automatic investment platform and community

1. Product name
AI trader Chartpan

2. Product description
A. AI trader ‘Chartpan’ based automatic investment platform and community
Chartpan is a trading platform that provides AI-based Stock and Crypto chart analysis and price prediction services. In the long term, we plan to develop into an advisor and asset management platform that monitors Stock and Crypto markets instead of people to discover and recommend good stocks and manage risks.

※For further explanation of AI chartpan, please refer to the whitepaper : AI 'Chartpan' - Chartpan.com Project

B. Chartpan.com is operated based on Klaytn-based tokens and NFT
-ChartpanNFT : If you hold it, you can mine Chartpantokens regularly. You can receive
various benefits depending on the amount you hold and ranking.

-SsugiNFT : A virtual human modeled after cheerleader Seo Hyun-sook, and as the main model of the chartpan, various character businesses such as emoticons are promoted. and when you own SsugFT, you are given the right to share 100% of the profits generated from your character.

-ChartpanTOKEN : the key currency of the Chartpan platform, It is used for various AI-based trading services, and you can get Cpoints by staking. In addition, 50% of the revenue from the platform is used to buy back and burn tokens to enhance the token value, and to develop and maintain the ecosystem in the long term.

3. Team information

A. CEO : SEONGJIN KIM (korean)

  • torrent site Hyuwoo.com develop/operation(2years) : 10k visitors per day
  • KumhoTire planning team and innovation team (about 10 years)
  • Currently a investment YouTuber and CEO of Chartpan.com

B. official link

4. Grant proposal
A. We apply for a grant of $250,000 to support the developement.

1)Advanced AI chartpan Development($30,000) : ~ 2023/12/31
- Added 30-day forecast feature
- Improved analysis accuracy and increased analysis frequency to twice a day

2)Platform development such as investment community ($30,000) : ~ 2023/12/31
- SNS type community function development
- Automated services such as stock recommendation using AI

3)Token listing in Global Top 10 exchange ($150,000) : ~ 2023/12/31
- Preparation for listing and related matters

4)Marketing and other operating expenses($40,000) : ~ 2024/03/31
- Server expansion and paid advertising promotion such as google and instragram
- Events and user rewards to vitalize the community

[google budget form link]

B. The milestone(target) : Budget proposal
1)monthly visitors
- 2023/06(Currently) : 6K
- 2023/12(target) : 30K
- 2024/03(target) : 50K

※Sites that can check traffic: https://www.similarweb.com/website/chartpan.com/#traffic

2)Total number of transfers(The milestone related to the Klaytn Mainnet)
- 2023/08(Currently) : 9,831 transfers
- 2023/12(target) : 17,780 transfers
- 2024/03(target) : 31,614 transfers

[Details link by item]

5.The AI ​​Chartpan project can create a new direction for the Klaytn ecosystem.

  • We will create a new category called WEB3, which specializes in investments operated based on Klaytn-based NFTs and tokens.
  • If Chartpan, a Klaytn-based project, goes ahead as planned, it can greatly contribute to vitalizing the Klaytn ecosystem.
  • We will prove that the Klaytn chain is better and more convenient than other chains with a chartpan project.

We look forward to your positive review and approval. thank you


It is difficult to know from the content alone whether AI trader Chartpan team has the ability to develop. It seems that there must be a development demo version.


The open beta version is now available on the homepage!

-Currently, you can use it for free without signing up, so please test it out
-It is only possible to predict for +10 days, and through advancement, we want to increase various versions and reliability such as +30 days and connect them to automatic trading.

Please test the AI chart analysis and ask for additional questions or comments.
Thank you for your interest.


It’s a fresh project that I’m very much looking forward to.


너희가 너희 프로젝트 토큰을 발행하고 상장하고 판매하여 돈을 벌어가려는 계획에 왜 클레이튼 네트워크의 공금을 지원 해줘야 하는지 설명해 주세요.
Please explain why we need to support Klaytn Network’s public funds for your plan to make money by issuing, listing, and selling your project tokens

클레이튼 네트워크의 입장에서 그랜트로 지불한 금액 이상의 가치가 어떻게 다시 네트워크로 회수될수 있을지 구체적으로 설명해주세요.
From the standpoint of klaytn Network, please explain specifically how the value above the amount paid by Grant can be recovered back to the network.

너희 마일스톤이 생태계에 기여하게될 금전적 가치가 얼마인지 계량 가능한 수치로 제시해주세요.
Please give me a quantifiable figure of how much money your milestones will contribute to the ecosystem.


First of all thank you for your interest.

  1. The reason we chose Klaytn among several chains is that we thought that Klaytn chain has greater potential for long-term development than other chains.
    KCF is one of the systems that promote the development of Klaytn’s ecosystem, and the chartpan project also operates an ecosystem with NFTs and tokens based on Klaytn, so we applied in this way.

  2. Since the chartpan platform is oriented toward Klaytn network-based web3, it is necessary to have a Kaikas wallet, and to transfer NFTs and tokens, Klaytn must be consumed.
    The listing of tokens is not to make money, but to create a platform where tokens can be traded between users for platform operation, and furthermore, to allow them to be used flexibly on the platform. This liquidity will further strengthen Klaytn’s influence in the cryptocurrency market.

  3. It costs about $10 to $50 to create 1 active user. Based on the $250K we applied for, if we convert it to $10 per person, when the number of active users reaches 25,000, it can be seen that the cost has been recovered from a marketing point of view, and it seems possible to achieve it in the first half of 2024. Also, if you look at the growth potential of the platform in the long run, I hope you will judge that it is worthwhile.

  4. The chartpan project will continue to expand its services to include exchange operation and asset management in the future, while trying to find ways to contribute to the development of the Klaytn platform. If the platform develops and stabilizes in the future, we will become a GC and directly contribute to the Klaytn ecosystem.

  5. If there is something you would like to suggest or reflect on the milestone, please tell us the basis and details, and we will review and reflect it. We ask for your understanding even if the answer is insufficient, and we ask for your continued interest.

Thanks for reading.


A short introductory video is attached for better understanding. thank you

[english ver] "AI" chart analysis traderIntroducing : ChatGPT Trading version 'Chartpan' - YouTube
[korean ver] 나만의 인공지능(AI) 차트분석 트레이더 '차트판', ChatGPT의 트레이딩 버전 - YouTube

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This project is awesome. We expect a positive impact on the Klaytn ecosystem

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○website : https://chartpan.com

After visiting the website, please test the ai chartpan and give us a lot of interest.

Thank you for your positive attention. Feel free to ask any questions!!

When will the automated trading service be available? I think it will be very helpful for investment.

If developed as planned, automatic trading is likely to be possible only in early 2025. This is because automatic trading requires advanced AI through data accumulation and additional data connection through community operation. Please continue to watch and support us. Thank you.

어떤 지표를 중심으로 과거에서부터 현재 미래까지 예측하는건지 안나옴.
경력 중 1번이 토렌트 사이트 운영이라는건 좀 선 많이 넘었음.
이딴 프로젝트를 올리고 검토해야 된다는거 부터가 클레이튼 포럼에 문제가 아닌가 싶다

  1. If you specifically tell us which indicator you are curious about from now to the future, we will give you an accurate answer.

  2. Tron, one of the famous major coins, also operates BitTorrent, and the torrent itself is for the purpose of sharing data and is not illegal. The site I was running was also operating normally without any legal problems, and an offer to sell came and handed over the ownership.

  3. Grounded, legitimate criticism is good, but please refrain from meaningless criticism. Low-quality discussions can be an important factor in lowering the quality of the klay Forum.

I sincerely plan, develop and operate the project. This is the end of this article, thank you

Come back after development. Calculate the value of your product’s contribution to the network and bring it. We are not philanthropists.

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