[KGP-28][GC Membership Application]DWF Labs

1. Name of Applicant Name

DWF Labs

2. Introduction of Applicant

DWF Labs boasts a portfolio of over 550 companies, serving as the market maker for more than 25% of the top 100 companies ranked by CMC and 44% of those within the top 1000. We want to partner with the most visionary entreprenuers with our goal in assisting all trading related matters while providing a high-touch, dedicated partnership-centric relationship. Originating In 2018 as a proprietary high-frequency trading (HFT) firm in Switzerland, DWF was founded by a team of ETH graduates from Zurich and experienced quantitative traders from IMC; leveraging AI, machine learning, and advanced mathematical techniques in the design and implementation of its HFT strategies.

In 2022, following comprehensive market analysis and opportunity assessment, the company initiated the establishment of DWF Labs. DWF Labs engages in venture investments, secondary market transactions, Over-the-Counter (OTC) activities, and market-making services. DWF Labs’ rapid expansion has positioned the company as a leading entity in trading across spot, perpetuals, and options markets, spanning over 60 reputable centralized and decentralized trading venues.

Beyond these, the firm actively supports the crypto industry by contributing TVL, operating validators across numerous protocols, technical testing, smart-contract audit services and fostering the overall growth of its portfolio companies. Today, DWF Labs’ portfolio is incorporated and tracked by leading crypto sources CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, in response to the public interest in activities undertaken by DWF Labs and its partners – a testament to the firm’s success and influence.

Market Maker DWF Labs Invests $20M in Derivatives Trading Platform Synthetix

DWF Labs Takes the Next Leap with TON Accelerator Program

DWF Labs Reinforces Support for Conflux with $28 Million Investment

The GalaChain Ecosystem Solidifies Alliance with DWF Labs To Grow its L1 Ecosystem

DWF Labs Joins Forces with Kava to Reshape its DeFi Ecosystem

XAI Games : We’re happy to announce the launch of our sentry nodes on XAI GAMES, the world’s first Layer 3 solution for AAA gaming

Manta Network : Proudly contributing $3 million in TVL on top DEXes since November 2023

Fetch Ai : AI-Focused Crypto Protocol Fetch.ai Raises $40M to Deploy Decentralized Machine Learning

Floki : DWF Labs Renews Confidence in $FLOKI with $1.25M Token Purchase

Algorand : DWF Labs and Algorand Foundation Reach Strategic Partnership

Alchemy Pay : Alchemy Pay raises $10M at $400M valuation from DWF Labs

Tron : DWF Labs and TRON Reach Strategic Partnership to Strengthen Ecosystem Support

3. Objectives of Participating in the Klaytn Governance Council

  1. Strategic Alliance support

DWF Labs is committed to offering unwavering support for the Klaytn Ecosystem by mobilising resources from its diverse portfolio companies. This collaboration demonstrates a dedication to driving innovation and growth, fostering a dynamic synergy that aims to elevate Klaytn’s blockchain ecosystem to new heights. This not only helps the expansion of Klaytn’s ecosystem but also leverages our commitment to advancing Klaytn’s digital property rights by elevating awareness and promoting Klaytn’s adoption. At present, Finschia and Klaytn are undergoing the merge vetting process. Should the amalgamation transpire, we commit to wholeheartedly supporting the unified chain ecosystem.

  1. Active Support and Liquidity Provision for Meme Coins Utilizing KLAY Inscription

DWF Labs will actively assist to optimize dynamic meme coins of KLAY’s ecosystem, streamlining transactions via KLAY Inscription to fortify the ecosystem. This collaboration boosts liquidity, establishes a secure, transparent framework for DeFi, ensuring reliability and fostering growth in meme coin transactions.

  1. Strategic Investments for Ecosystem Expansion

DWF Labs excels in devising strategic investment plans to enhance liquidity and promote the expansive growth of businesses within the Klaytn ecosystem. Our adept market analysis seamlessly aligns with Klaytn’s vision, facilitating impactful investments that contribute to a robust and flourishing financial environment.

  1. Navigating Token Trading and Market Management

DWF Labs boasts an in-house treasury management team renowned for its proficiency in active and passive treasury strategies for the expansion of businesses in the Klaytn ecosystem encompassing market making. Our expertise in token trading dynamics, decentralized finance(DeFi), technical acumen, and market insights ensure the facilitation of a dynamic and liquid market for Klaytn and its associated ecosystem projects.

  1. Comprehensive Tokenomics, Fundraising, and Listing Assistance

At DWF Labs, our dedicated team specializing in tokenomics and token solutions provides extensive support. We guide projects within the Klaytn ecosystem, ensuring they develop sound tokenomics, achieve successful fundraising, and secure strategic listings. Our proven experience in these domains enhances the potential for project success and fuels continued business expansion.

4. Commitment to the Klaytn Community

  1. Elevating the Investment Landscape - Expansion of Ecosystem

DWF Labs is dedicated to harnessing its distinctive proficiency to enhance the investment landscape within the Klaytn ecosystem, encompassing incubation and acceleration. Our focus is on promoting liquidity and facilitating the expansion of businesses. Through strategic investments, we endeavor to establish a robust financial environment that nurtures sustained growth.

  1. DEX Assistance and Liquidity Provision - DEX

Leveraging our expertise from managing liquidity pools for internal projects, DWF Labs stands ready to collaborate with Klaytn to implement strategies to optimize liquidity. This encompasses actively overseeing the operation of liquidity pools, thereby playing a pivotal role in fostering a dynamic and liquid market for KLAY tokens.

  1. Active Community Participation and Engagement - Klaytn community supporter

DWF Labs is committed to proactive engagement with both Klaytn and the broader Web3 communities, utilizing our extensive investment portfolio and research capabilities. This commitment entails thorough communication through distinctive channels, such as press releases, social media outreach, and research publications, to augment Klaytn’s visibility and foster community growth.

  1. Advocacy for Inclusive Decentralized Governance - Ecosystem for the better

As pioneers in Web3 development, DWF Labs remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing inclusive, decentralized governance. Our active engagement in Klaytn’s on-chain governance is in harmony with the overarching strategy of open governance. Drawing on our specialized expertise, we play a crucial role as valuable contributors, ensuring diverse perspectives are considered to enhance the ecosystem’s overall health.

5. Plan to Secure 5 Million KLAY

DWF Labs proposes a distinct strategy - Independent Market Purchase

Demonstrating unwavering support, DWF Labs pledges to independently purchase 5 million KLAY tokens from the market or the foundation. This strategic initiative underscores our commitment to fortifying liquidity and fostering expansive growth within the Klaytn ecosystem.


We welcome DWF Labs becoming a Klaytn GC. It is an excellent partner to expand the Klaytn ecosystem together.

Happy to have DWF in the Klaytn ecosystem. DWF should definitely want to try out Nectar, the latest addition to the ecosystem with our state-of-the-art hybrid order book DEX.

Nectar is uniquely positioned to facilitate the move from CEX to DEX for trading powerhouses like DWF, thanks to our CEX-like APIs that promise a familiar yet enhanced trading experience.

Looking forward to collaborating as you explore and expand within Klaytn’s dynamic environment.

We believe DWF Labs would be a valuable addition to the Klaytn ecosystem so we would like to supporting their application to become a Klaytn GC.


Trinito endorses DWF Labs as a Governance Council member for Klaytn, highlighting their profound expertise and active engagement in the Web3 ecosystem. Trinito believes that DWF Labs’ investment acumen, strategic capabilities, and market expertise qualify them to propel Klaytn’s expansion and global market adoption.

We believe as long as DWF joining as a GC is also not tied to potential paid Market Making from the Klaytn Foundation, it is fine. If it is tied, we believe such proposal should be reviewed separately.

As this application is endorsed by CREDER-ITCEN, Verichains, Trinito, and Stable Lab, this agenda will be brought to GC voting today.