iZiSwap—Bring Klaytn with on-chain orderbook and concentrated liquidity DEX


Native assets are generated mainly on-chain (fair launch/IDO instead of IEO), and the booming growth of on-chain applications such as Gamefi and NFT also brings more demand for users to trade on-chain. In a thriving ecosystem, the number of active DEX users will continue to grow.

We are strong believers who believe that on-chain solutions and decentralized exchanges will eventually cater all user experiences while achieving features including non-custodial, safe, and transparency.

Here we present you our DEX: iZiSwap.

About iZUMi Finance

iZUMi Finance is a one-stop liquidity platform for multi-chains. iZUMi Finance presents three products, iZiSwap, LiquidBox, and iUSD.

  • iZiSwap: Top DEX on zkSync Era/Linea/Mantle/BNB Smart Chain/Near, with the unique DL-AMM (Discretized Liquidity AMM) design. With $100M+ TVL and 1M MAU, iZiSwap is the first concentrated liquidity DEX supporting on-chain Order Book feature like CEX.

  • LiquidBox: A smart liquidity boosting and management product built on concentrated liquidity DEXs. Provided and managed over $100M liquidity for 50+ reputable partners including BitDAO/Near/Woo Network/Ankr.

  • iUSD: The first efficient liquidity backed stablecoin. Over collateralized with ETH-USD LP, iUSD has issued $30M and got adopted by 10+ chains and protocols, providing fully-decentralized stable 7-12% APR for investors and stakers.

The DEX-Liquidity-Stablecoin combo will be the flying wheel for iZUMi to help the DeFi world sustain lasting on-chain liquidity.

Check our links over here: izumifinance | Link3.to

Team information

Jimmy Yin, CEO
Twitter: 0xJimmyYin
Telegram: @Jimmy_Yin9
Ph.D supervised by Max Shen (Vice President of Hong Kong University) and got GTE degree from U.C. Berkeley. Senior Researcher at North American Blockchain Association and community member of World Economy Forum.

Mac Yong, CTO
Graduated from Tsinghua University, Ph.D. in Computer Science. Published numerous papers in top international conferences and journals such as NIPS and TPAMI. Senior Engineer responsible for system architecture at SWFT, a cross-chain crypto swap platform.


As our name “iZUMi” in Japanese signifies, our ultimate goal is to help every partner and token to enjoy on-chain liquidity like spring water, continuous and long-lasting for centuries.

We would like to bring our products to Klaytn:

  • iZiSwap Pro: iZiSwap Pro is the first fully on-chain order book exchange presented by iZUMi Finance. Embedded with iZUMi’s original DL-AMM model, iZiSwap Pro provides its users with an order book CEX-like UI while maintaining 100% on-chain composability and self-custody as a DEX.

  • LiquidBox: A non-custodial solution for programmable liquidity mining on Uniswap V3 and iZiSwap, aiming to help projects attract and manage their on-chain liquidity in an efficient and lasting way. Provided $100M+ liquidity for over 20 projects including BitDAO.

Project expected to take 2 weeks for deploying, with an assumed August 1st start date.

iZUMi Finance is requesting a total of $50K grant equivalent for program deployment and marketing activities. The milestones expected to be reached are as follows:

  1. LiquidBox product deployment on Klaytn chain completed, staring trial operation and test.
  2. iZiSwap Pro product deployment on Klaytn chain completed, verified.
  3. Galxe marketing campaigns such as liquidity mining, Twitter Space, AMA, cumulative participation/reach of 10,000 people. (1 week after deployment, TBD)

Our aim is to attracting more users on board Klaytn on-chain eco, in terms of TVL, volume, address. Encouraging more users buy and stake KLAY token as well. Overall, we want to replicate our success on zkSync and facilitate every projects on Klaytn by providing one-stop liquidity service.

Check Budget: Budget-iZiSwap - Google Sheets

Previous Work

In Dec 2021, LiquidBox, the first product of iZUMi launched. It’s a tool that allows our clients to incentivize customized price ranges on UniSwapV3. By today, LiquidBox has accumulated over 8k LPs across Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum.

In May 2022, the first version of iZiSwap was launched. After more than half a year of stable operation, iZiSwap has achieved a liquidity size of tens of millions USD with over 180k historical transactions, 30k unique addresses and 900 LPs. The MAU is around 10k.

In Dec 2022, we pushed live iZiSwap Pro, which tries to replicate the experience of CEX trading including K-lines, order book, order management and watchlist!

April, 2023, iZUMi is the second largest project on zkSync.
Besides, iZUMi has a pretty robust community with 88k Twitter followers and 55k Discord members. We have collaborated on many outstanding projects, such as EAR7, Tap Fantasy, BitDAO, WOO Network, Zebec and so on.

Several campaigns we held on zkSync and Linea can be found on our Medium. Also we are open-sourced, github link can be found on our website.
Contact us TG: larrybig, mingwei9x, jimmy_yin9

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iZiSwap is already compatible with EVM chains such as Ethereum, BNB-Chain, and Polygon, but I think $30,000 as a development cost is a bit high.


Thank you for your suggestion and feedback.

Firstly, we deployed on Ethereum and BNB due to the large user base and native asset size. We envision a more thriving ecosystem on Klaytn as well, which requires continuous development. Therefore, the $30,000 grant not only covers deployment expenses but also at least one year of daily maintenance and operations. Besides, we will list trading pools on Klaytn as well.

Secondly, we are willing to allocate $10,000 for liquidity mining incentives to attract more TVL (Total Value Locked) and users. The budget table has already been updated.

Feel free to share your idea about the grant offer. We welcome further suggestions from all of you!

As this proposal was not endorsed by GC Members and KF within 14 days of the posting, it will not be brought to the GC voting on 14 August. If you want to bring the proposal to the GC voting through the community endorsement, you can create a snapshot poll at Snapshot and share it here to get 5 million KLAY of upvotes, which is bigger than downvotes.

allthatnode(https://www.allthatnode.com) Klaytn RPC services such as infura and alchemy are provided here. Could this possibly cut costs?


We can make it with 20k grants for deployment, maintenance and operations our DEX and LiquidBox on Klaytn.
And 10k grant for marketing use, Galxe campaigns, liquidity mining and so on.
10k grant for TVL milestons achieved: $0.5M TVL, $1M TVL, $1.5M TVL, $2M TVL,$2.5M TVL