[KGP-16] 4Q23 Klaytn treasury plan

1. Summary

Klaytn Foundation is presenting its regular budget plan to the Governance Council for approval. The table above is the comprehensive KLAY distribution plan, explaining the proposed expenditures at this juncture.

Compared with the 3Q23 treasury plan, there’s a 55.2% reduction in the KLAY budget. Actual spending will be approached with conservatism, taking into account the prevailing market conditions.

On October 18th, during the monthly Governance Council meeting, Klaytn Foundation will present the details of the budget plan. Your attendance and open discussion are highly encouraged.

2. KCF / KFF budget details (Assumed KLAY price of $0.12)

3. Voting Schedule
Within 7 days of the governance proposal forum posting, this proposal will be moved to Klaytn Square for on-chain voting