4Q23 KCF/KFF Disbursement Summary

We want to provide information about KCF/KFF funds distribution in the fourth quarter of 2023.

During the fourth quarter of 2023, Klaytn Foundation distributed a total of 37,090,242 KLAY across 47 items. The detailed breakdown of the distribution by the fund is outlined below, and you can find a comprehensive list in the updated cumulative disclosure sheet.

  • Klaytn Community Fund: 29,811,305 KLAY on 14 projects

  • Klaytn Foundation Fund: 7,278,937 KLAY on 33 projects

  • Disclosure Sheet

Klaytn Community Fund has been in operation since the last July, and individual payment items are now undergoing approvals through the Governance Council voting process. You can track all vote results and KCF/KFF transfers on Klaytn Square.

Throughout the last year, the total expenditure from Klaytn treasury amounted to 80,054,076 KLAY. Despite annual inflation of 100,000,000 KLAY allocated to KCF and KFF, the governance system of the Klaytn Network has diligently managed expenditures to ensure they remain within the available supply. Governance Council and Klaytn Foundation are actively working to minimize unnecessary expenses while addressing essential ones fairly. Your continued participation in Klaytn’s governance system is greatly appreciated.

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