Transfer of 4Q23 KCF/KFF Budget Announcement

We would like to inform you that a transfer of 26,649,167 KLAY is set to be initiated following the approval of the 4Q23 budget plan through KGP-16. On November 20, These funds will be moved from the KCF/KFF wallets to the designated working wallets, earmarked for actual disbursements.

Consequently, there will be an immediate increase in the circulating supply of KLAY by the aforementioned amount. However, it is important to note that actual disbursements will be conducted discreetly and at varying intervals, aligned with individual schedules. We are pleased to inform you that the recent update to Klaytn Square allows for transparent visibility into each disbursement, accompanied by project explanations.

We deeply appreciate your attention and continued support.

4Q23 budget transfer
KCF : 12,458,333 KLAY
(designated working wallet address: 0x53bbD1B961C9B42daD018bA60bC4BEEc3cBbc55a)

KFF: 14,190,834 KLAY
(designated working wallet address: 0x646aEE02bFa62Abb73e15DA9677E916e911d0b37)

Total: 26,649,167 KLAY