About the General Agenda Proposed by GC Members category

Purpose of This Category

This category is designated for the discussion of agenda items raised by members of the Klaytn Governance Council (GC). GC members should post their proposals here for discussion before presenting them for a GC vote at Klaytn Square.

Discussion Period

Proposals must remain open for discussion for a minimum of 14 days before being brought to a GC vote. The proposer has the option to extend the discussion period if they believe that additional deliberation is necessary for the GC members to make a well-informed decision on the agenda item.


All GC members and community members are encouraged to actively participate in the discussion by leaving comments on the proposal.

Revision and Improvement

Before advancing an agenda item to the GC vote, the proposer should consider revising the proposal based on input from other GC members and the broader Klaytn community.

Initiating the GC Vote

Once the proposer decides to proceed with a GC vote after the discussion period, they should leave a comment indicating that the discussion has concluded, and they are ready to initiate the vote. The Klaytn Foundation (KF) should be tagged in this comment. KF will then move the agenda to the KGP category to begin the voting process.

Withdrawing a Proposal

In the event that the proposer chooses to withdraw their proposal, they can leave a comment stating that the discussion is terminated, and they are withdrawing the proposal. KF should be tagged in this comment.

Pilot Period

This category will operate as a pilot program until the conclusion of 2023. Based on the experience gained during this pilot phase, operational rules will be proposed to the GC and subject to a vote.