DigiOracle - Supercharging smart contracts with real-world data, events and assets.


DigiOracle(formerly KlayOracle) is a highly modular blockchain oracle that allows you securely connect your Web3 applications with events, data, and assets from the real world. DigiOracle is live on Klaytn’s Baobab testnet and now offers the following data feeds: Price Feeds, Verifiable Random Numbers.

We seek a $41,300 grant to support the implementation of product features and improvements, as well as community initiatives aimed at [1] increasing the adoption of DigiOracle by developers in the Klaytn ecosystem, and [2] integrating more real-world assets on-chain.

Product Name


Product Description

DigiOracle (formerly KlayOracle) is a highly modular blockchain oracle that allows you securely connect your Web3 applications with events, data, and assets from the real world.

DigiOracle, formerly KlayOracle, won the Public Goods track in the KlayMakers 22 hackathon. Since that time, we’ve rearchitected the protocol to build out the core technology that powers the DigiOracle.

Some of our accomplishments since then:

  • We have rearchitected the DigiOracle protocol to be more decentralized and scalable to support multiple data providers and node operators. See the documented Architecture Decision Record behind this initiative.
  • Launched and tested crypto price feeds on the Klaytn Baobab testnet.
  • Recently launched crypto AND stock price feeds on Klaytn Cypress mainnet (see Features section below).
  • Launched multiple bootstrap data providers, nodes and 21 data feeds on Klaytn mainnet.
  • DigiOracle’s data explorer dashboard (launching August 2023).
  • Updated website and rebranded to DigiOracle, to expand and support more chains (ongoing) after the completion of other features and launch of our token on Klaytn.

Components of DigiOracle

Data Providers

Data providers are responsible for subscribing to data sources and configuring data feeds and Oracle contracts accessible to end users.


Nodes on DigiOracle are responsible for handling computational tasks on behalf of data providers, including data retrieval, filtering, and aggregation.

Data Sources

Verifiable entities that provide real-world data through APIs, hardware, and other channels. DigiOracle uses various methods to ensure data integrity from these sources.

Data Consumers

End users who make use of external data within their smart contracts and decentralized applications.

More details: Architecture - DigiOracle Docs v1.0.1

Features of DigiOracle

1. Crypto Price Feeds

Feed Name Contract Address Decimal Points
KLAY/USD 0x62cB9Ccd9F08e27A89A9C8C5CCeEAEf7ddC4043B 9
DOT/USD 0x49573a03fDfBf54766c0BB3C20Db5aAfea749211 9
AVAX/USD 0x8D58564D0e7394902a10105BbE183c9A44f02d1d 9
AMZN/USD 0xf57761CC1FcF506Da4396E62C5920C1632c30620 9
ALGO/USD 0xcbE8E1F7aF9e21192E4260152aDC91c8805Be222 9
AAPL/USD 0x722222452eA9bE8dDF62118835394e8C079d2971 9
BTC/USD 0xc8D7Df132015f44FbB7D535Ca48677cC129566c8 9
ETH/USD 0xce4bC34b8718C61901AB76b81e4e6BA8d096eAce 9
BNB/USD 0x8D58564D0e7394902a10105BbE183c9A44f02d1d 9
SOL/USD 0x70f1bB87C395a377476903AAE8b1A37b76347c8D 9
LTC/USD 0x14cc5115AC7c9dE06151C91b6c9465ad381b0688 9
MATIC/USD 0x1FAD86EfBa4FADCF49E79aBFAFEB0F54Ef7342a0 9
XRP/USD 0x52fe38E36A3ec9Dc3dE1819a88411668E456bDE5 9
PEPE/USD 0x672589c68b8C92bd0d644d67Cc6a148b18407C80 9

2. Stock Price Feeds

Feed Name Contract Address Decimal Points
TSLA/USD (Tesla) 0xc9654D64c0f783d87271c5edA514951436a9a8ea 9
NVDA/USD (Nivida) 0x81430EDf87Fe20A95d2766a8EA5f31d4D4509a09 9
MSFT/USD (Microsoft) 0xa618871566f9446AefC671792874fA6628A9BA49 9
META/USD (Facebook - META) 0x8DFAC6650073d5818Eab9F4a150eDE1B8471050D 9
JPM/USD (JP Morgan) 0xe2B5222eDA290b79Ee8cb2a6ba67Bfc1C377f972 9
GOOGL/USD (Alphabet Inc. CI A) 0x65a14cf12730eBF7874eE459F3C9F5d33e909c15 9
GOOG/USD (Alphabet Inc. CI C) 0x0080f3FF6ca9123Cf069D2C5A35d6463E6Faa0BD 9

3. Custom HTTP APIs

4. Verifiable Random Numbers (undergoing tests, launching September 2023)

Below is an example of how to consume a KLAY/USD price feed with DigiOracle within a Klaytn smart contract:

Code Example:

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT

pragma solidity ^0.8.16;

import "./KlayOracleInterface.sol";

contract OracleConsumerSample {
    address public immutable oracleAddress;

    uint256 public klayOutput;

    constructor(address _oracleAddress) {
        require(_oracleAddress != address(0));
        oracleAddress = _oracleAddress;

    function swapUsdtoKlay() public returns (bool) {
        KlayOracleInterface oracle = KlayOracleInterface(oracleAddress);

        bool replied = oracle.newOracleRequest(

        return replied;

    function swap(uint256 _klayOutput) external {
        require(msg.sender == oracleAddress, "not allowed"); //ensure only Oracle contract can set price
        klayOutput = _klayOutput;
        //Swap usd to klay

Team Information

Oluwafemi Alofe

Experienced blockchain developer with 8 years of software engineering expertise. Proficient in Golang and knowledgeable about the EVM, Oluwafemi designed and implemented the DigiOracle protocol. He is also passionate about cryptography, peer-to-peer networking, and algorithms and remains dedicated to staying updated on blockchain advancements through continuous learning.

Before DigiOracle, he co-founded a fintech startup with 20,000 users and $500,000 in transaction volumes. He’s an instructor, teaching solidity on Udemy to over 7000 students.

LinkedIn | GitHub

Paul Oladimeji

Patent-awarded digital technology professional with 8 years of experience launching and scaling products globally across multiple industries.

Currently a Product Manager at Nestcoin, one of Africa’s biggest blockchain companies, specializing in blockchain-powered digital assets management and cross-border payments. Certified Defi Talent, and co-founder of DigiOracle, with a passion for writing, mentoring, hackathons, and indie product development in the Web3 space.

Paul is also a Klaytn ambassador, volunteering to create educational resources, and organizing community initiatives to onboard newcomers into the Klaytn ecosystem.

LinkedIn | GitHub | Medium

Key Links

Grant Proposal

We are seeking a $41,300 grant to aid in the future growth and development of DigiOracle

We’ve built the core technology that enables DigiOracle to integrate multiple data feeds and node operators and provide real-world events and assets on-chain. Besides crypto price feeds, we have also launched stock price feeds on the Klaytn mainnet, marking our foray into bringing real-world assets on-chain.

Besides the $30,000 prize money from the hackathon and a $25,000 grant from DoraHacks, the DigiOracle core team has built DigiOracle from the ground up without further external funding.

As we have achieved a significant milestone in our roadmap with the launch on mainnet, we require additional funding to reach the next level in our product evolution: increased adoption and integration of real-world assets.

Milestone 1:

  • Test and launch VRF functionality on Klaytn mainnet,
  • deploy projects on Klaytn to utilize DigiOracle’s oracles (1 NFT project, 1 DeFi, and 1 lottery project, and 1 other community projects),
  • publish at least 10 Klaytn-focused educational resources and onboard Klaytn developers to DigiOracle’s Champion Program,
  • complete documentation and launch whitepaper
  • We also intend on fully supporting Klaymakers 23 hackathon participants with dedicated nodes and custom requested data feeds and developer support during the hackathon.
  • DigiOracle SDK for Javascript & Go. For developer to access Data Feeds outside Smart Contract

Cost: $20,650
Timeframe: 3 months.

Milestone 2:

  • Launch $DIGI token with $KLAY burn mechanism,
  • implement payment, rewards and slashing mechanisms for node operators and data providers
  • onboard 3 - 5 more external dApps to use DigiOracle on Klaytn,
  • integrate more data and real-world asset feeds, including real-estate and proof-of-reserve data feeds.

Cost: $20,650
Timeframe: 3 months

A breakdown of our intended sub-goals to achieve these milestones is covered in the following sheet: DigiOracle (KlayOracle) Budget - Google Sheets

Benefits to the Klaytn ecosystem

DigiOracle’s integration into the Klaytn ecosystem offers several clear and impactful benefits. Here are a few of them:

Integration of Real-World Assets

Our expansion into supporting real-world assets, such as stock price feeds, directly aligns with Klaytn’s vision of bridging the gap between blockchain and traditional finance. This integration allows Klaytn dApps to offer innovative financial instruments and products that combine both crypto and traditional asset classes. As a result, users can access a broader range of investment opportunities, further attracting traditional investors to the Klaytn ecosystem. We will

Developer Adoption and Onboarding

Our commitment to creating educational resources and hiring a Developer Relations engineer will greatly benefit the Klaytn ecosystem. By providing comprehensive guides, tutorials, and sample projects, we’ll empower developers to easily integrate its oracle services into their Klaytn-based applications. This lowered entry barrier accelerates the adoption of DigiOracle and contributes to the growth of the Klaytn developer community.

Currently, Paul Oladimeji, DigiOracle’s co-founder is a Klaytn ambassador, creating educational resources and organizing community initiatives aimed at onboarding more participants into the Klaytn ecosystem.

Tokenomics and Sustainability

While we are no cryptonomic experts, our planned token launch and burning mechanism demonstrate a commitment to sustainable tokenomics. By generating tokens through burning KLAY fees, we plan to ensure a reduction in the overall supply of tokens over time, which can lead to increased scarcity and potential value appreciation. This approach aligns with Klaytn’s interest in promoting responsible tokenomics within its ecosystem.

Network Security and Reliability

The implementation of payment, rewards, and slashing mechanisms for data providers and node operators enhances the security and reliability of DigiOracle’s services. This directly benefits the Klaytn ecosystem by ensuring the availability and accuracy of external data, a critical component for the proper functioning of various dApps, especially those with financial and high-stakes use cases.

Apart from these, as Klaytn has been our launch chain and biggest supporter, most of our future features will be piloted on Klaytn before being onboarded to any other chain.

Thank you to the Klaytn community for the overwhelming support so far, and we look forward to your questions and comments.


How will the Klaytn community get benefit from the $DIGI token launch at milestone 2?
And there is an Orakl Network (https://www.orakl.network) that supports Klaytn. Is there anything different about it?

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Hi @Creder-Itcen,

Thank you for your question. I’ll try to answer them below.

Firstly, we strongly believe that the Klaytn ecosystem will benefit greatly from diversity, where developers have several options of high-quality oracles to choose from.

Secondly, as mentioned in our pitch, while DigiOracle has launched with “conventional” crypto price feeds and HTTP APIs, our key focus is the integration of real-world assets on-chain, including tangible assets such as real estate and collectibles, as well as intangible assets such as stocks. This is different from Orakl’s mission as far as we know.

The RWA market is a multi-billion dollar market with a multitude of use cases and applications. Having one (or more) oracle(s) on Klaytn focused on this market would bring a lot of value to the ecosystem.

To answer your question about the benefit of the $DIGI token launch to the Klaytn community:

The $DIGI token will incorporate a burn mechanism that aims to reduce the circulating supply of $KLAY.

  • Each data provider will maintain a $KLAY treasury, from which the $DIGI token will be minted to pay node operators.
  • The $DIGI token will be fully launched on Klaytn, and in a multi-chain architecture, DigiOracle data providers running on other chains would have to bridge their tokens to $KLAY.
  • During the $DIGI token generation event, we plan only to mint a portion of the total supply of $DIGI token. The rest of the supply will be minted each time by burning an equivalent portion of $KLAY in the data provider’s treasury.
  • The newly minted $DIGI token is then paid to node operators as fees by the data provider.

The burning of $KLAY during this procedure reduces the $KLAY token circulating supply, thus increasing its value.

Looking forward to your additional comments!


KF decided not to endorse this proposal for the following reason:

  • Considering KF is running Orakl, it would be an overinvestment to provide a grant to another oracle product. In particular, we could not find the difference between DigiOracle and Orakl. Orakl is also trying to provide service related to real world assets.

As there was no endorsement from other GC members, you need to get community endorsement through our snapshot space. Please refer to the operational procedure to understand how you can attain community endorsement through the snapshot space.