KCF Grant Proposal - Infinity Wallet

Product name:
Infinity Wallet & Web3 Browser

Product description
Infinity Wallet is a decentralized all-in-one non-custodial wallet ecosystem and web3 browser, that provides a one-stop solution for all a user’s decentralized needs (a Wallet and Web3 browser Super App). We are not a browser extension, but a standalone application, enabling seamless onboarding and easy access and use of crypto, cross-border payments, DeFi, NFTs and Web3, all within a single unique platform on desktop since our launch in 2020, supporting around 48,000 MAU (with mobile version to launch later this year that aims to redefine the entire crypto and Web3 mobile experience).

Additionally, users can also benefit from easy access to Web3 and DApps, via our unique Web3 browser and DApp store. Which is basically a browser built with enhanced Web3 capability, including an in-built app store to discover decentralized applications, providing a far superior, safer and more natural user experience, with a range of unique advantages for users, DApps, and chains alike, enabling easier usage and adoption of Web3. What this does is remove the need to use basic and unfriendly browser extensions with limited UX and features to access Web3, which would otherwise be required in today’s Web3 ecosystem. Which generally browser extension wallets are built more for the current user base of mostly tech-savvy developers, rather than for mass adoption by less tech-savvy users.

Through the Infinity Wallet we are opening up ease of access to the decentralized world for less tech-savvy users and existing users in the space, removing some of the barriers that exist today to provide a more enhanced and curated in-wallet user experience with a flawless user interface and a one-stop hub. To make it as easy as possible for everyone to onboard into the decentralized space and Web3, as it is with the Web2 space today.

A further introduction can also be found in our information deck https://infinitywallet.io/docs/Infinity%20Wallet%20Deck.pdf

Product Metrics:
In-terms of Metrics we have:

  • 48,000 MAU;
  • Over $600,000,000 TVH;
  • 110,000+ users subscribed to be notified of our mobile release;

Product Links:

Team information:
Our team is made up from individuals that have extensive experience in the space, with a complete crypto experience from Smart Contracts, DeFi/Web3 projects, DApp development, Wallet and more. Additionally, we have a general background in software development and UI/UX, as an already established ecosystem.

Further information on the team can be found at the following link Infinity Wallet Core Team Information - Google Docs

User Demand:
We have received many requests from the Klaytn community/users over the 2 years. Our support teams receive regular requests for us to bring our unique ecosystem to support and integrate Klaytn across the Infinity Wallet, Web3 Browser, and its wide range of infrastructure/features/services. Hence why we are reaching out for a grant to make this possible.

Why & Problem:
Wallets are the core component required for any chain, enabling users to interact and onboard to Klaytn, and access the Klaytn ecosystem (Payments, DApps, DeFi, Web3, NFTs, Decentralized Identity and much more). Making wallets the defining factor for usage and adoption of a chain and its entire ecosystem, however as of today wallets are one of the least well developed applications in the crypto ecosystem.

Today, wallets act mainly as an interface, serving primarily as a transaction signing layer, with very limited functionality or in-wallet features, requiring use of multiple platforms, and are generally lacking in basic UX, while providing very unprofessional, hard to use and aesthetically poor user interfaces, with most platforms built with a focus on developers rather than end users. This has been sufficient for the early adopters in crypto, however, for the next billion users to onboard, a more curated, frictionless and high quality user experience is required!

Desktop Web3 wallet options are limited in particular, delivering very little in terms of new innovation, or solving today’s issues, while requiring the user to install a browser extension, which is not the natural flow. Overall delivering an unintuitive and feature-lacking user experience, with limited support for Klaytn and its ecosystem/DApps, greatly restricting the possibility for discoverability and adoption.

For Klaytn to compete and attract users and developers, it needs a one-stop wallet super app providing a seamless user experience, to enable users to onboard and adopt Klaytn, and learn/discover the Klaytn ecosystem as their home.

Infinity Wallet steps in to fill this need, as a one-stop hub for all payment, DeFi, NFT and Web3 activity. Providing a unique all-in-one wallet and first of its kind browser for Web3 solution with a full spectrum of in-platform services, features and protocols, focusing on delivering a premium platform and enhancing the user experience, while providing a user centric interface for a seamless decentralized user experience. Streamlining accessibility and lowering the barrier to entry, to allow for easy onboarding and adoption of DeFi, crypto payments & Web3.

Competitive Advantages:
Infinity Wallet provides a unique wallet and the first Web3 browser solution on desktop, with a mobile version also in the works that will redefine the Crypto, DeFi & Web3 experience on mobile. Bringing a wide range of advantages, such as:

  • A unique platform in the space providing a complete experience in a standalone desktop app, rather than a browser extension. Delivering a high quality, one-stop user focused experience required for mass adoption;

  • The first desktop Web3 browser & DApp store. Finally freeing desktop users from having to use unintuitive and feature-lacking browser extension wallets to access Web3 and DApps. While providing a simpler, easy to use medium to access Web3 and discover DApps;

  • The Infinity Wallet enables users to directly connect to a DApp on the web, but also to connect with DApps that require connecting via their own downloadable software/app rather than a domain. Making Infinity Wallet the only desktop wallet to support true unlimited access to all of Web3;

  • An encompassing approach to provide an all-in-one multi-chain platform, supporting all chain types (EVM and non-EVM, L1 and L2) across the Infinity ecosystem. Enabling seamless use of all chains within a single platform, for easier interoperability between chains and removing the need for multiple wallets;

  • We are delivering a more curated in-wallet experience, with a focus on providing a far superior and seamless user experience, as a one-stop solution for all a user’s DeFi, Web3, NFT, Crypto and Payment needs. With all features, services and protocols directly accessible within a single platform, and working with users on constant new developments to meet their demands;

  • We are actively solving issues within the space today. Such as, the need to learn and use multiple platforms, lack of live user DeFi & Web3 support to help users learn and onboard, lack of new innovation and limited features/services (limiting the user experience, along with user accessibility/usage), high fees, bad user experience and unprofessional user interfaces. With most other platforms built with a focus more on the existing developer based user base of tech-savvy users rather than mass adoption by the majority of users which are less tech-savvy end users.

Grant Proposal Impact
The goal of the proposal would be to enhance Klaytn with a much needed one-stop user focused wallet and Web3 browser ecosystem. Providing Klaytn access to the many advancements we have, bringing much needed valuable infrastructure, services and ecosystem support, which Klaytn currently lacks (for DeFi, Web3, and cross-border payments). Enhancing the user experience and bringing new utility, and allowing for easier usage, access and adoption of Klaytn and its ecosystem by less tech-savvy users. While also empowering developers with easier discoverability and usability of their DApps & Tokens, driving easier adoption.

Infinity Wallet will allow Klaytn and its ecosystem to be more easily adopted and used by the general public, in a unique crypto wallet, payment solution and Web3/DApp browser built for the masses, and used already by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide for easy cross-border payments, access to DeFi, NFTs and interacting with Web3/DApps directly within their wallet on desktop (with mobile to launch soon). As a one-stop platform for all users to directly access all their DeFi, Web3 and crypto needs, making adoption of the Klaytn ecosystem as easy and intuitive as possible and boosting awareness, usage and utility.

Additionally, Klaytn currently lacks streamlined Web3 support for connecting and transacting with DApps. As the FIRST desktop Web3 browser and DApp store, we bring a unique more natural user experience and value to any chain integrated when accessing DApps and Web3 (compared with browser-extensions). Finally freeing desktop users from having to use unintuitive, unfriendly and feature-lacking browser extension wallets to access Web3 and DApps, while enabling easier DApp/developer discoverability!

Below are some of the many infrastructure and features/services of the Infinity Wallet:

  • Portfolio and Analytics Monitoring/Dashboard -

  • One-stop DeFi Wallet Solution with a strong focus on user experience -

  • Desktop Web3 Browser (One-click connect and transact with Web3 DApps, with utmost discoverability and use of a chains’ ecosystem) This removes the need for unfriendly and feature-lacking browser extensions to access Web3 and decentralized applications on desktop, while providing a standalone browser for Web3!

  • Web3 DApp Store (Enables easier DApp & ecosystem discoverability, adoption and usage) -

  • Cross-chain swap & bridge (Swap/Bridge between multiple supported chains) -

  • In-wallet decentralized exchange aggregator -

  • NFT support and Gallery to manage (view, send and receive) and easily trade NFTs -

  • Fiat on/off Ramp (enabling easy and direct onboarding into crypto and supported chains) -

  • Complete Transaction History for all transaction types with DApp resolving and balance/performance tracking -

  • Custom Token Importing (Allowing any token to be imported on any supported chain) -

  • Desktop QR Scanner (Drag to scan Desktop scanning for payment requests, wallet connecting and etc.) -

  • Live user and chain support, with a focus on delivering the best possible user experience to make onboarding for users as easy and seamless as possible

For a detailed look over our many other features/services and future development roadmap please see our information deck available at https://infinitywallet.io/docs/Infinity%20Wallet%20Deck.pdf, or our docs at Features & Notable Advancements - Infinity Wallet (detailing further information on core features/services and secondary features).

We also look to launch our highly anticipated mobile release later this year on Android and iOS, a sneak peak can be found below

Infinity Wallet - Mobile Android & iOS

Grant Proposal & Amount
We would request 595,000 KLAY, split between 2 milestones:

Milestone 1 - Integration & Development
Amount: 408,000 KLAY (68.5%)
Timeframe: Around 6 weeks to complete the proposal to live launch.
Vesting: 4 months vested linear release from date of completion

Milestone 2 - Measurable Metric & Ecosystem Support
Amount: 187,000 KLAY (31.5%)
Vesting: N/A

As part of the Ecosystem support we will be providing ongoing Ecosystem support to Klaytn projects for the first year. As such we will be waiving our usual $5,000 fee per a project, to instead support an unlimited amount of Klaytn projects for free that meet our requirements during the 1 year period. Providing Klaytn projects/DApps with free integration into the Web3 Browser DApp Store, DeFi Positions/Transaction protocol resolver, and marketing materials. In an effort to drive awareness, discoverability and adoption of Klaytn and integrated Klaytn projects from hundreds of thousands of Infinity Wallet users.

As an example, 10 projects would usually cost $50,000, however as per this proposal we will support an unlimited amount of projects for free within the first year, that are deployed or plan to deploy on Klaytn. With a minimum amount of 10 projects to be supported for the completion of milestone 2.

Grant Deliverables & Milestones
This proposal is split into two milestones to expedite the process and allow us to focus on fully completing each milestone and all deliverables, before receiving any grant payment.

Milestone 1 (68.5%) integration & development deliverables:

No. Title Breakdown
1 Integrate Klaytn chain and core functionalities, allowing for seamless use of Klaytn and cross-border payments; - Klaytn native chain integration/support in wallet;
- Integrate core Klaytn wallet functionalities to be able to interact with and utilize the Klaytn chain (store, send, receive, create/restore, balance tracking and other core Klaytn functionality);
- Klaytn transaction history with advanced in-wallet information ($ value at time, $ value now, balance movement charts and etc…);
- Smart contract resolving for DApp transactions;
- Integrate/develop DeFi portfolio & analytics management for Klaytn;
2 - Support/Develop Klaytn token importing allowing easy use of all tokens within the Infinity Wallet; - Ability to import and custom manage any non-default integrated token;
- Develop out support for Klaytn tokens across Infinity Wallet (send, receive, balance, transaction history, DApps and etc) and available Infinity Wallet features;
- Support top tokens with default integrations for instant use for free;
3 - Klaytn Web3 browser development (not a browser extension but integration/development into the first web3 browser), and create Klaytn Web3/DApp store - Desktop Web3 Browser integration/development to allow for seamless transacting and connecting to Klaytn Web3 projects and DApps, removing the need for browser extensions;
- Web3/DApp Store to allow for easy discoverability and adoption of Klaytn ecosystem projects;
4 - Support Klaytn for cross-chain swaps/trading between multiple tokens/chains, and support within the fiat on/off ramp. - Cross-chain swap/bridge support for Klaytn. Allowing users to directly onboard to Klaytn from other chains (BTC, ETH, BSC etc.) within a single click and trade across aggregated DEXs;
- Support for Klaytn within the upcoming fiat on/off ramp integration, enabling seamless onboarding to Klaytn via a single access point;
5 - Implement Klaytn into remaining features/services and secondary features. - Contact/Address book;
- Payment requests;
- Desktop drag and drop QR scan;
- Live Market stats;
- Price Alerts;
- Etc…
6 - Internal testing/auditing and preparation for release - Internal testing and auditing of the developments, infrastructure and integrations;
- Preparation of marketing/announcement material and the release;
7 - Live release of the Klaytn integration as a default chain and marketing, with on-going support; - Live release with the Klaytn integration;
Support Klaytn as a default native chain;
- Announcements across all social channels;
- Creation of a custom Klaytn web page on the website;
- Announcement in the wallet of the integration of Klaytn;

Milestone 2 (31.5%) measurable metric & ecosystem support milestone deliverables:

No. Title Breakdown
1 Klaytn ecosystem Web3 Browser DApp Store Collaborate and support a minimum of 10 Klaytn ecosystem projects within the Infinity Wallet Web3 Browser DApp store. Driving awareness and adoption to Klaytn projects, and also providing marketing support (such as, social announcements, blog posts, in-wallet announcement, NFT drop, airdrop or possibly other marketing activities depending on each project).
2 Integrate Protocols into the DApp resolver Integrate a minimum of 10 new or existing Klaytn protocols for contract resolving. Enabling DApp transactions to be decoded and linked to a specific protocol.

Ongoing Support
On completion and live launch of the deliverables as per the grant proposal, we look to continue to provide ongoing support and growth to Klaytn and the Klaytn ecosystem, including:

  • Expanding support for Klaytn into our future mobile release for free;

  • Ongoing development support for Klaytn within the Infinity Wallet into future features/services on a case by case basis as part of our roadmap for free;

  • Supporting Klaytn as a native chain within the Infinity Wallet, providing maximum visibility and awareness to new users, without a yearly fee;

  • Collaborating and integrating Klaytn developers’ DApps with direct support for their projects within the Infinity Web3 Browser and DApp store for free, to help drive ecosystem adoption and usage.

  • Provide ongoing maintenance and live support for the Klaytn chain;

Our development roadmap
We have a lot of developments planned over the next couple of years, however some of the developments planned over the next 6 months that could benefit Klaytn on a case by case basis include:

  • UX focused Mobile Wallet release in early 2024 (redefining the entire DeFi & Web3 experience);

  • Direct one-click in-wallet staking;

  • Social Wallet (removing the need for a seed phrase and enabling users to create a wallet via social login, allowing for easier onboarding and usage of DeFi & Web3 by the general Web2 user);

More on our overall roadmap that could benefit Klaytn can be found on page 27, here: https://infinitywallet.io/docs/Infinity%20Wallet%20Deck.pdf

Budget proposal
The proposal budget can be found here: Infinity Wallet - Klaytn Budget - Google Sheets


I think it is reasonable.
KLIP and Kaikas are a good wallet. But I wish there were more good wallet apps.

Is it possible to properly connect the swap and NFT project in the Klaytn ecosystem?


Hello @Creder-Itcen,

Yes, we will support Klaytn swaps aggregating both DEXs and centralized platforms, to enable users to get the best rates. In addition to the ability to connect directly with Klaytn Swap and NFT platforms.


I agree there needs to be more good wallet apps like this in the space. Look forward to you @InfinityWallet supporting Klaytn and going to download your wallet when I get home later.


Just want to say I downloaded your wallet to give it a try and it looks really good, so you have a new user xD

Btw when will your mobile version launch?

I cant wait for the Klaytn integration and support, @KlaytnGovernance0 when will the GC vote happen for this since endorsed?

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Hello @KlaytnGovernance0, we are following up in-regards to an update on progressing the proposal to the next stage? Thanks

@InfinityWallet Hi. Your proposal did not get the endorsement from the Klaytn Governance Council Members within 14 days after the submission. Therefore, it was not brought to the voting.

Their proposal was endorsed by @Creder-Itcen 2 days after they posted right I think it is reasonable.