Transfer of Dragon DeFi Initiative Budget Announcement

We would like to inform you that a transfer of 46,325,113 KLAY will be initiated following the approval of the Dragon DeFi Initiative (D2I) proposal KGP-26. On April 3, these funds will be moved from Klaytn Community Fund wallet to a designated wallet specifically for D2I-related grant and liquidity provision disbursements.

As a result, the circulating supply of KLAY will increase immediately by the aforementioned amount. However, the actual distributions under this initiative will occur at different times, following a detailed timeline. For a comprehensive understanding of each distribution event, including project and recipient descriptions, please refer to Klaytn Square.

The current D2I program is scheduled to run until this October. The allocated budgets for each section will be transferred as outlined in the proposal. However, due to the recent increase in the value of KLAY and changes in market conditions since the proposal’s approval, Klaytn Foundation does not anticipate that the entire budget will be used during this phase. Klaytn Foundation will provide updates on the initiative program to the community.

We appreciate your attention and continued support.

D2I budget transfer
KCF : 46,325,113 KLAY
(designated D2I budget wallet address: 0x7627eA6a2a51ef4eB52D37d1a0bC269FF2Cd539a)