[KGP-30] KCF payment proposal (Mar 2024)

1. Summary

We are seeking the Governance Council’s approval to utilize funds from the KCF budgets, previously approved under KGP-10 and KGP-24, for making payments in the short term using KLAY. These payments aim to support service development, enhance infrastructure and attract developers in line with the Klaytn Community Fund’s objectives.

Specifically, a total of five projects are set to receive funding, with two projects receiving a fixed amount of KLAY and the remaining three projects receiving a variable amount of KLAY. The precise expenditure of KLAY will be transparently disclosed via Klaytn Square.

Klaytn Foundation will facilitate voting on each of the five agenda items, enabling the Governance Council to express opinions and preferences on each specific matter.

2. KCF payment details

3. Voting Process
After governance proposal forum posting, each agenda items on this proposal will be moved to Klaytn Square for on-chain voting.

We have a few questions and points we would like to bring up for further discussion:

  • Deposit at JPN & global exchanges: Is it possible to share details of the contract (ie. Will the Foundation get the assets back?)
  • BisonAI: Would it be possible to disclose main reasons for the support when there are also other scopes?
  • Messari: Does the current $ expense match expectations of the Foundation? If so in what way would this be?
  • Mainnet audit: We agree this is necessary